One down, Eleven to go

Mondrian Cake v1.0

Is it the end of January already? Wow, the expression. Did the month whip by like 2010 did? Hmmm. Not so much. Did I get my January Project done? Bwahahahhahhahaha! no. I did get a Mondrian Cake baked up and ganached though so that should count yeah?

I also ate a giant boat of sushi so that was pretty rad. For my birthday, which was Thursday if you look back an entry, was pretty low key because I planned a small weekend outing to Ichiban for collective sushi. You know what’s best about sushi? Sharing it with other people. I love getting a mix of rolls and having enough variety to get a good mix but enough people to not have to eat 4 or 5 different sushi rolls. THAT is what going out for sushi should be and I tagged TheMan, Rob and his sweetie Alice, Badmovie, LunerGeography and DQ and said “Meet at Ichiban!”.

Originally I thought Ichiban would be the place to go because they have specials on the rolls (30% off) but when you throw Rob in the mix quite often you wind up getting the sushi boat. Which we did. Twice. Seems they only had the “love boat for two” and we were five for sushi (LG’s head picked an improper time to a’plode so she missed birthday sushi and Badmovie can not abide the raw fish. He’s a more teriyaki kinda guy) so we got two boats…sort of the love catamaran for five as it were. We got a couple appetizers, because it was my BIRTHDAY DINNER and I wanted to and a plate of supplementary rolls incase the sushi amphibious landing craft wasn’t enough. It was plenty and we all stuffed ourselves to the gills with tasty, tasty sushi. Then, THEN, then they came out with a fried ice cream dessert because it was my birthday celebration even though it really wasn’t my birthday. Wikid. We each had enough room for a small spoonful before we lit out for the brewpub.

Saturday was also Smithee Nite Out, which was why I made the cake (and also because I wanted to see if I could). We divvied it up amongst all the peeps and ate even more. I kind of like the jaunty angle the slice takes on the plate here. My art is all artsy.

Sunday TheMan and I were still full of sushi so we lazed around doing not much. I finally finished off the reject blankie project, border and all which made me feel all accomplished.

It gave the cats a place to play.

Seriously, you can not spread a blanket out in this house anymore without a cat getting all up in your blanket grille.

You would not believe how quickly a new Afghan gets infested with bed mice. Fortunately, Tess is there for you.

2010: Too much sushi not enough updating.

2009: JSFR: Coffee Egg Roll

2008: I could care less about statistics at home unless they were really cool statistics and I didn’t have anything to do with compiling them.

2007: Anyway, I have my stuff back and am now waiting in cash limbo for my new cards but other than that, I’m peachy. How was your day?

2006: ‘Splorin is one of my favorite (and most lethal to date) things to do with the crazy gnome.

2005: Sunday dawned, we didn’t notice.

2004: And full of cake.

2003: Mmmm, sushi cake.

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