Six More Weeks of Pie

As I promised…somewhere last year…I got the Chupacabra out to see if it saw its shadow today.

I’m not sure what that means but last year it sure did tickle me pink to think this up. And then I almost forgot how I was going to be so amusing because a year is a long time to have one small funny idea in your head (I don’t think the chupas were finished by Groundhog’s Day). I did not forget though, mostly because we were talking about what happens when my friend BrightOrange13 (whose birthday was yesterday) sees his shadow and I remembered my chupacabra thing.

Sadly I did not have my chupacabra with me to see if it saw its shadow, for I do indeed have a chupacabra to do such a thing with, so I quickly called TheMan at home (vacation day) and asked him to bring along my chupacabra when he came to pick me up. Then I forgot about the chupacabra for a second time so when he pulled up with the thing suckered to the passenger window (so he wouldn’t forget the chupacabra) it startled the beegeebus outta me.

I put on the chupa and proceeded to try and take a pic but it’s really hard to wear a chupa on one hand and manipulate a camera in the other so I didn’t get the best shot. It was bright out but sort of diffusey bright so naturally there wasn’t a very distinct shadow but the camera’s flash went off so even if the chupacabra didn’t see his shadow I made one for him. We decided that if the chupacabra sees his shadow then there are six more weeks of bad movies. There are probably six more weeks of bad movies anyway, and more after that so the chupa test is sort of a bust.

The BrightOrange13 shadow test yielded much better results. We all agreed that if BO13 sees his shadow than there are six more weeks of pie (Mmmm, pie). BrightO said that for six more weeks of pie, he’d bring a flashlight so I think he’s far and above more superior to some fat rodent because there will always be 6 more weeks of pie. Assuming there is also a flashlight.

Begin Pie Weeks!

2010: Way back when the Qs brought back some African Honeybush Tea when they visited Tanzania and it was the best tea ever!

2009: Does he ever not see his shadow anymore?

2008: JSFR: Ting Ting Jahe Candy

2007: Hrrrmph. Stoopid Groundhog, stuupid tea. YAY Pie!

2006: The string of Kitchen misadventures continues with last night’s “apple crap”.

2005: [Two out of two critic eyebrows whole heartedly agree]

2004: TheMan woke up humming this from his dream and now it’s permanently branded into my subconscious. Damn him!

2003: (also of OPM derivation…I am beginning to thing OPM is the Beatrice of the internet) just wants me to be able to “Get The Little Unknown Liquid… Get Your Sample Today!!!” Ummm…EW!

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Of course, those 6 weeks culminate in Pi Day on March 14!

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