Snopacalypse and the Zombie Invasion: A Picto-post

The giant 73 feet of snow did not happen as predicted but we did get some. The zombies were all excited though about the forecasts and the end of the world and OH NO so there was no stopping them when they took to the outside. They weren’t the first things out there however…something had trekked through the steps earlier.

Being not that smart, the zombies gave up trying to figure out what had walked the earth before them and decided to find some fresh ground to desecrate. The bug was freshly snowed so they decided to shamble across the hood.

If the zombies had an alma mater this would be it.

They also visited the truck and said hello to Darwin. Sadly, the FSM fell off this fall so they could not meet up with it as well.

The bed of the truck was a frozen wasteland and therefor boring. They moved on.

Tycho had his first day in the snow but not before the zombies checked him out. The zombies keep forgetting that cats like to rearrange zombies around by the head.

The zombies lost interest pretty quickly (getting nommed on the head will do that) and went to investigate the garden. The chimbly is pretty much out of commission for the season.

The zombies wanted to find Helmut Gnopp so they dug around a bit until they located him. And then he ate one of them.

The zombies migrated closer to the house and checked out the feeder. Apparently the squirrel protection will not keep a zombie away from bird feed. If there was any. And if zombies actually ate bird feed. This one is more perplexed than anything else.

There was shoveling to do but the zombies voted unanimously to forgo that experience.

Zombies. They will keep the light on for you. Or is that they will stand on the light for you?

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