Did I forget to put a title here?

This weekend was a pretty good weekend overall. Even Vande and Tycho got along. Sorta.

We started it out by being wishy-washy about dinner on the way home Friday night. KFC? Don’t like the campus one (and besides, I picked odd which was “No KFC for me”). Brewpub? Nah, was there just recently. Home? TOO HUNGRY! Sidetracks? Sidetracks! Except a millionty and five people were also at Sidetracks and there was no more places to park. Sad and dejected we pulled out of the parking lot and then TheMan has a flash of brilliance. The street that runs past Sidetrack’s parking lot eventually runs smack dab into the KFC on Michigan Ave. WOOOO!

We of course got taters and gorged ourselves on popcorn shrimp.

Saturday I made buttermilk cornbread pancakes which turned out really tasty. Even the cats were all about the pancakes as I found out when I returned to my plate and it was missing the top cake on the stack. Hrrrrm! One can’t leave for a coffee warmer without cat heads making off with my griddle cakes! We cleaned up and lazed about until I got a bug about Smithee prep and called DQ to come play with me.

Did you know that it snowed practically all day Saturday? Streuth! It was Uuuugly out too but DQ and I sloggged our way to get fabric and then some groceries and then home. I promptly got the bug stuck in the driveway but I figured I was home at that point, the car was parked and I’d deal with it later. I’m not sure why I had to go out other than I wanted to pick up some red satin for various puppet parts. Red satin is a very versatile thing for mouths and tentacles and my latest thought: Shark Puppy tongues. I also picked up some tiger striped fur because TheMan took a shine to that idea but I didn’t particularly need more material. When I took stock before the outing, I discovered I had pretty much all the material I needed for shark headed, puppy butted puppets (I even found a bit of left over red satin but I don’t think it would have been enough to do all the Shark Puppies). I probably have enough material to make several other puppets I suspect…7 or so years of making Smithee sock puppets has left me with quite a bit of material.

Sadly, the weather canceled our “Shark weak” movie watching night over at StalkerPatti’s place. We all had food too and I had just bought a shark cookie cutter for biscuits. Sadface. TheMan and I stayed in and boogered around doing things. And stuff. TinyCat got a bath on account of poo foot and the fact that she was pretty grubby. I think we went three weeks without a washing and discovered she is really a needs to be washed bi-weekly sort of cat. It would help if she grew more hair so the cat oils could to their cat hair oil thing instead of just hanging around on her skin picking up dirt from under the dresser. All the cats got their Saturday cat Maintenance done so you can imagine how popular I was. We spent the rest of the night playing Civ hooked up to the TV (TheMan) and being studiously ignored by cats (me).

Sometime that evening I also found my missing pancake under the couch.

Sunday we lazed around and did NOTHING! Well, sort of nothing in that TheMan shoveled the snow off the driveway and walk and I took the flat edged garden spade and chiseled up the 1 inch thick layer of ice that coated the driveway (remember when I got the bug stuck? Yeah. Ice). We also did some dishes and I updated quite a lot. But other than that, we watched a lot of Dark Shadows and played some Wii sports. I suck at virtual Frisbee as much as I suck at real Frisbee but my 100 pin bowling 5k1llz are even worse. In my defense I was also updating websites and scritching kitties.

Whacha doin?

Woah…OK still not keen about kitties.

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2006: At the moment, I could really go for some Chinese food of American persuasion. Mmmm, general Tso’s.

2005: And that’s about as easy as it gets with Isaak. We don’t have any bath time pics because it took two of us to wash him.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I was so bummed that we had to postpone. F’in weather. I want those hush puppies 🙂

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