Demon Kitty

The demon cat in question (today) is Isaak who is possessed by the most fiendish of cat possessing demons. We’re not talking the standard kitty witching hour where they get up and tour every room of the house in about three seconds. No, we’re talking demons that make a cat careen from room to room like his ass was on fire. Once the cat was in the room, the demons seemed to lay off the ass-a-fire until they wanted to go somewhere else. Then? ZzzzzzING!

So Isaak was running around like a demented loon with his eyes all crack crazy as I got into bed. That in itself is pretty funny to watch if only for the expression on his face which goes something like this, “haHaHA! I have ARRIVED! Look at ME! Wait, wait…the invisible forces are telling me something…what is it? YES! I need to go THAT WAY now! I’M OUTTA HERE!” There is always that weird pause whenever he arrives (and in the possessed mood) where he looks around with his big old googlie wild cat eyes for a microsecond and then BAMN! He hauls a-fiery-ass pell-mell to someplace else. Last night was a little different because we would get in a good game of hunt the covers before he had to a-fiery off to someplace else.

Hunt the covers is a game where in I, usually from a lying down position, whip the covers completely over my head while the cat leaps on the bed and skitters over to my head lump. I try to lift the covers enough to see if I can see the cat, he tries to attack the finger that’s doing the cover lifting. Sometimes he gets a nose, sometimes I grab a paw, it’s all very fun. Anyway, we were playing a very robust game of hunt the covers and it got me laughing. Apparently, that made the demons cranky and they told the cat to take off for parts unknown. So I sat up, called Isaak until he came flying back into the room at which point I zooshed under the covers. Lather, rinse repeat. This went on for about fifteen minutes, or three cat eternities. Fifteen Minutes! Those demons were running my poor kitty hard!

This morning, he wasn’t in any less a frenzied mood so I laid my pants on the bed and had a rousing game of bite hand. That would be where you get the cat so worked up he attacks your hand like it was some sort of feral creature that needed to be disemboweled right that very instant. Sometimes, Isaak gets so wound up that he tries to hide under a fold of the bedspread. You know, because a one inch high wrinkle is the perfect thing to hide behind when you are a three foot long cat. As to date, the bed wrinkle ploy has yet to actually work but that doesn’t stop him. You never know when you are going to hit pay dirt or a pair of unoccupied jeans. In the middle of bite hand, he wigged completely out and launched himself into the top of my pants and then kept on going right down a pant leg.

TheMan and I thought that was the funniest thing we had ever seen until Isaak decided he was down the wrong trouser leg and tried to turn around. I might have a nice future going for me, but my pants legs were never designed to accommodate 20 pound Siamese trying to pull a u-ey. Have you ever seen a pair of pants fight itself? I busted a lung laughing. Eventually the cat managed to extract himself from the pants and all involved are fine.

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