Random Picto Posting

Because I seem to be ALL KITTENS ALL THE TIME, here is a pic of VandeCat doing what she does best. Napping.

Here’s one of Tycho’s favorite things to do. He spends quite a lot of time trying to get those dangly strings at the front of the chair. They are, sadly for him and amusedly for me, juuuust out of reach. He can’t latch onto the bar and grab the dangles with one paw, although he has tried. Many times. He also can’t crawl up the back and then travel down the support bars which tip horizontal when his weight is at the back and then revert to their normal 45 degrees when he travels forward. He has tried that quite a lot too. Someday he may figure out how to get those dangles but until he does, it is quite a bit of fun to watch.

Eventually he gets tired of the unattainable chair dangles and moves on to the Most! Bestest! Toy! EVER! Or the bathroom sink. He spends more time that he’d like you to know about trying to catch the drips. He also gets very annoyed at the person who is getting his head wet. Someday he might figure the whole thing out but for now? Priceless.

Tycho and Tess are best of buddies. When Tess is being particularly obnoxious about wanting to get under the sheets at night, I find that if Tycho is hanging about I can chuck TinyCat on top of him and she’ll stay put. Otherwise it’s about 20 minutes of picking the cat off your head or out of the bed until you give in and stuff Tess between the sheets.

This is what Tess does best: Sneezing. Here she is gearing up for a giant nose splattering. Ahh…ahhh…AHHHHH….


Meanwhile, somewhere completely different, here’s the commons in late January-ish. They have started on the entrance (did I report that already?) and there are stairs in the back somewhere.

Here’s a peek at the bottom level which has been poured with a concrete floor. I can’t see what else is going down there because of the angle, but they are going gonzos on the project.

Speaking of Law School, the students had some fun with the big snow a while back.

While my mom and Mr. Paul put nature to work for them. BEER!

Lastly, sale! I guess this is what the ‘new economy’ is up to.

2010: JSFR: Smoky Cheese Cratz

2009: I also popped in 2 cloves of garlic because I felt like it. I like garlic.

2008: Apparently the video card gave up the ghost this morning and released all its magic blue smoke.

2007: On the other hand, when has anyone’s tea ever nattered on about this and that? NEVER! Hrrmph.

2006: It was dead! Dead like it was when I called in twelve years ago and requested a TECH be called for an on-site visit.

2005: JSFR: Koala’s March (strawberry)

2004: I have no lucky number or clothing or spoon or what have you.

2003: Wait a minute, deep fried as in deep fried – deep fried? Not lots of butter on a griddle fried…deep fried right? Like fish fry fish deep fried? A sandwich? You can do that?

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