A Day With the Qs

TheMan and I took the day off today on account of the Qs being in town. We did not go Oop Nord this past Christmas because DadQ was recuperating from knee surgery and the logistics soon became quite entangled. So the Qs decided to come down in early February instead…except it snowed the snow of the apocalypse (ish) so they did not. this week there was no snomageddon so down they came.

seeings as it was Thursday, we started off our day at the Bomber with the Qs…all the Qs including MomQ, DadQ, DQ, TheMan and I plus the badgardens. The food was delicious. DQ had to skedaddle to work, LunarGeography and Badmovie had to take a car into the fix-it shop (and then LG had class while Badmovie was coming off his 10 hour work shift) and TheMan and I…opted to go back home and take a nap. Because we could. HaHA coworkers!

It was not a long nap though because there were things and stuff to do. My department had gone in together to get a bigger fridge for the office (one you could actually put more than 2 coke cans and a yogurt container in) and I volunteered to pick it up. The Qs were willing to drive by with their fridge carrying vehicle so we swooped by the fridge place and picked it up. I got a pretty good deal on it too, since I told the guy that the fridge I was here to pick up was about $150. My boss had done the actual scouting and the information I got was 3.whatever cubic feet (about bar fridge height) and $150.

The sales guy said he had two fridges about that size but none that were $150. One was $160 one was $300. Excuse me a moment, but I’m pretty sure “about $150” falls into the range of “actually $160” but the sales guy gave me a deal anyway. Not that I mind but I was willing to go with $160 because it was in the neighborhood of the price I remembered. Color me surprised because I am not too keen on this place due to past bad experiences. Nice to be surprised. We loaded the fridge up, dropped it off and then it was time for lunch.

We snacked at Evergreen Restaurant up on the north side and I got way too much food for having had a bomber breakfast. On the other hand, leftover Chinese is the BOMB for lunch so we packed up our extras and headed off to find a Geocache.

Early spring in lower Michigan is a bit mooshy for Geocaching but this did not stop us. We came, we found, we logged and there you go. Piece of cake…save for the part where I slid sideways down the slope in a festival of mud. Fortunately I kept my feet and fortunately my boots are made of mud enduring stuff. Note to self: Go Geocaching when the ground has become less squishy to walk around in.

We finished off our day with a movie over at the place on Wagner…Cinema 12? Goodrich? Something like that. Anyhow we saw The Green Hornet and it was a pretty fun yet mindless movie. I enjoyed the heck out of it even though the reviewers didn’t seem to. Eh, to each their own.

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