Fridge Attack!

This nice calming water scene is for me and my heart attack which turned out to be fridge moving strain.

Thursday I deposited the half fridge at work, box and all, and then I took off for family fun. Friday I unboxed the fridge and man handled it into place. I didn’t think much of it because it was a smallish fridge (about 2.5 feet high maybe? It’s a 2 something cubic foot deelie) and it actually wasn’t that difficult to get into place. It’s pretty swank too; more than 1 person can comfortably fit their lunch in the thing! I think it will work out well for us.

Friday night around 3 in the morning (so technically Saturday I guess), I woke up with crampy chest pains. I am not a big fan of waking up in the middle of the night with mysterious ailments so I was quite alarmed. 3am chest pains are not cool. We decided not to go to the emergency room when, about an hour later, I discovered that most of the pain was pokable in the muscle tissue and that the wrong side of my chest hurt more in the muscle (when I poked it) than the right side (for heart attacking that is). We went back to sleep after coming to the conclusion that moving the fridge was probably responsible for the wee hour ow.

Saturday morning I wasn’t feeling much better but I wasn’t dead so that was a plus. The Q family had plans to visit the museum but I opted to stay home and nurse my fridge attack and get some blogging done. Spending most of the afternoon lying about doing a lot of nothing but typing and web surfing seemed to have helped some, for by the evening I could breathe and move about slowly without pain.

You wouldn’t believe how much chest muscles are involved in simple things like rolling over while napping.

We all congregated at DQ’s house for an evening of pie and Dominion. TheMan and I made blueberry ice cream pie (which turned out mighty tasty), the BadGardens made Scotch egg and cheese pie and TheQs made chicken pot pie. Thus endeth week…three of six more weeks of pie. Or was it week four? Hmmm…maths maths maths…week three.

Sunday it snowed (snow!) and I finished up reading Ghost Hunting, the first of the T.A.P.S. books. It was OK but I think it is more of a companion book to their TV show that it is a stand alone book. I can’t imagine the book being that meaty if you can’t also draw on the memory of having seen the shows that the book is talking about. I also thought it read like slightly expanded case notes and they didn’t really get into the debunking so much, which is half the fun of that show.

I’ve been watching The Ghost Adventures on NetFlix streaming because they won’t stream Ghost Hunters and I have to say that I really miss the more scientific and professional approach of Ghost Hunters T.A.P.S. On the other hand, the “ghost idiots” are fantastic TV with their “OHMIGOD! GHOSTS” whenever anything slightly out of the ordinary happens. We’re even developing a drinking game to go along with the Ghost Idiots. Finally, I have one word to sum up all the stupid yet train wreck fun: Ouiji-cam. I love that thing!


Pie pie.

Pie pie pie.

Pie pie pie pie.

Pie pie pie pie pie.

Pie pie pie pie pie pie.

no pie. Very sad.

These pictures are all in a row on the camera and when I scoot through them looking for something further back it amuses me to no end to see the pie grow or shrink, depending on which way I’m going. I prefer backwards so I wind up with a whole tasty pie when I’m done. Forwards is kinda sad.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    That pie looks awesome. I’d like humbly suggest a pie/movie night as I make a lovely chicken pot pie 🙂

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