Friday Night I Crashed Your Party

Not really, we even had a get together Friday and the fact that I remember this is surely a sign of the Apocalypse. Me! Remembering anything about Friday! Whoda thunk? Of course it took a good deal of brain wracking and lighting a fire under the ol’ plork before I remembered exactly what it was that we did so I do believe the Apocalyptic signs might be a tad premature.

Let’s get on with the weekend reviewing shall we? Friday night I dusted off the sewing project (re: found the suckers in the “safe place” I had stored them last year) of ought whatever and went about redoing the collar because I biffed it pretty good last we left the project. It only took an hour of meticulous pinning and repinning but at last I secured the sucker such that no stitching of the other thing-it part showed. Huzzah! I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s better. As DQ said “That’s a pretty good showing for a first collar.” Although that probably translates into ‘it’s just as nice as it can be’. Anyway, after that I geared down with the sewing and glued the white inside stuff onto the two inside flaps that run down the button and button hole flaps. These are all technical terms here. Heh. Maybe I’ll have this shirt done for Halloween next year!

We then watched “Barbarian Nymphoid in Dinosaur Hell” which had no barbarians, per se, and no nymphos and really the dinosaurs were secondary to the guy with the lizard on his head and the swamp monster minions. I’m not sure Hell made much of a showing either, although it was sort of a post apocalyptic flick and everyone wore skins and furs so perhaps hell and maybe barbarians, but not in the Catholic or D&D sense. This is a sad point because some fire and brimstone or a good muscley ass whoopin’ would have improved the film ten fold.

I’m not even sure how it got 1.5 stars on NetFlix either because it wasn’t even Smithee worthy. We had one Whoops (very good cameraman shadow, something that won’t even have to be pointed out to anybody with half a brain) and one worst actor but that’s about all. We couldn’t have really gotten much more from it because the whole film had maybe 2 pages of dialog and one and a half of those pages were the strange old guy quoting The Jabberwocky. He was the worst actor nominee, BTW. The rest of the film ‘dialog’ was grunts, squeals (courtesy of the lizard headed bad guy’s swamp monster minions. Whole pages of squeaks, hoots and whistles from those critters. What fun!) and monosyllabic questions and replies. I think their screen writer was a zombie. A zombie with a thing for Lewis Carroll.

There were two amusing bits to the whole thing: The intro which Troma (it was a Troma films release) ganked selected scenes from the movie and slapped them together as an “intro” to the piece. Oddly, the only place where barbarians, nymphoids, dinosaurs or hell come into play is the five minute Troma intro. Other than that, totally different movie. It was as if…perhaps Troma got a hold of a very poorly done Land of the Lostesque flick and decided that there should be barbarians, nimphoids, dinosaurs and hell and made it so. Hmmmm! The second interesting scene was between our heroine and the fella we dubbed “mud man”. Mud man found an A,B,Cs picture book and gave it to our heroine. She opens it up to ‘apple’ and traces the pic, saying “apple”. Then she goes to “ball”, traces the pic and says “round”. Hee. Next is Cat, which she reads as “food”. Double hee. I liked that touch. It’s not worth sitting through the flick, but it was a welcome bit of mediocre in a craptastic stupid ass, poorly choreographed – and I’d add poorly written but you would have to have actual dialog to be able to start trashing the writing so yeah – film.

Man, that was all of Friday? I hope you have your reading eyes on because there are two more days to the weekend.

Saturday, TheMan had a video shoot to go to at 6:30 IN THE MORNING! so I said “Mmmm, bye dear” and snoozed a little bit longer. However, I told my mumses I’d zoom up and hang with her for part of the day which meant I got up at…errr…well I got to her place at 8:40 IN THE MORNING so it was earlier than that. 8:40 IN THE MORNING! Fortunately they had coffee and biscotti. Yum. We hung a bit and then Mr. Paul went to work on the hangar while Mumses and I went to Costco. Three whoots for Costco! I scored some righteous stuff the best of which was Season 1 of X-Files. Season 1 isn’t really stellar but my collection starts with season 2 and that always sort of bothered me. Mind you, I wasn’t bothered enough to shell out real bucks but I always thought that if I could find season 1 for a song and a dance I’d pick it up. Costco? A virtual cabaret of X-Files so of course season 1 came home with me. Of course.

After shopping we headed out to the farm to check on the hangar. Mr. Paul was trying to plum the structure but the wind was kicking something fierce so all that really happened was the plum bobs swayed rather gracefully in the wind. I think he did something else but I have no idea what as the whole swaying of the skeletal building made me kind of nervous. Barn like structures aren’t supposed to have a three inch visible wiggle are they? We all went back home, Sis came out and we gutted pumpkins and ate roasted pumpkin seeds. My half day hang turned into an all day thing but that’s pretty standard for my fam. Say you’ll be leaving at 2 and you might be lucky to get out at 5. We gab.

Sunday happened, I think we played some Warcraft. Then TheMan somehow threw his back out and spent the rest of the night as quietly prone as he could muster. Poor TheMan.

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