With the World Turning Circles Running ‘Round My Brain

I declare this week to be song lyrics blog title week. Or maybe just yesterday and today, depending on how I feel tomorrow or whenever it is that I update next.

The News! As of this morning, TheMan can rotate slightly left a couple inches and slightly right a couple inches. Huzzah! He can’t throw anything yet, though, which we discovered at breakfast when I asked him to toss me a pen. He started off pretty good, but that last oomphing motion that not only is responsible for accuracy but also distance seems directly linked to whatever it was he did to his back Sunday night. The wind up was impressive, but the pitch? Well, he got the pen over to my side of the room at least. Yeah, he’s got a bit more healing to do, but it’s better than not being able to sit up at all. Back pain sucks.

For those who are curious, we can’t figure out what exactly pissed his back off but it was probably a combination of small weird things until finally ShhhhhPOIANG! Crippling back pain. It’d be a lot cooler if the story involved random toddlers about to get mooshed by a semi, you get more sympathy rescuing a toddler than you do taking off your socks.

So! Yesterday I called in to work and told them I was going to stay home and be my man’s mobile stuff retrieval unit until he could move about without crying tears of agony. Again, you get more sympathy if you play the silent tears of agony card than you would the yelling creatively at your back when it seizes up card. It was a pretty uneventful day since TheMan spent half of it prone and wallowing in Advil and the TLC ministration of the heating pad. By noonish he was able to sit up (Awww! A milestone!) and somewhere around three he was mobile in that very slow, very deliberate way people with rebellious backs have. I’d like to think I helped somewhat with the gophering and the whatnot but you can’t really quantify that sort of thing until you have to do it yourself and your backside is having none of it.

Of course there was Warcraft. Warcraft is something you can do while sitting down (with a heating pad and Advil because Advil is your friend!) and it’s much more entertaining than sitting there thinking about how sore your back is. I took the Crazy Gnome out for a little spin in an area that was supposed to drop a recipe I needed (HA! Yeah, right) but also garnered some good coin, EXPs and silk cloth while TheMan doodled around making stuff. We then went and mined a lowish level dungeon for goodies to sell at the auction house. Sadly, I forgot that I was playing the dr00d when I finished up all the quests a while back so it was a bit of a surprise to discover that the gnommie’s quest slate was completely blank. Double sadly, all the quests are geared for characters much lower in level so the gnommie got nothing but a small bit of coin and an even tinier bit of faction for the same amount of work that got me half a level looking for a recipe.

Eh. Next time I’ll stay looking for the recipe that won’t drop and maybe level up. True, the gnommie won’t be as rich as TheMan’s hunter character but maybe I’ll catch up a level or two.

After Warcraft, for man can not exist on Warcraft alone, I sprang down to the kitchen and put my domestic shoes on! OK I was only wearing socks and it was more of a mosey than a spring but I did get around to finally making the s’getti sauce and the squash muffins. The sauce was on the tasty side of OK, mostly because “diced tomatoes” when from a #10 can translate into “quartered tomatoes” which is a bit bizarre in s’getti sauce but the muffins were the BOMB! There are no pictures this week but be warned, muffin season is upon us. Muahahahaha!

I was pleasantly surprised that the muffins came out at all since it seemed I had a small anomaly every third step of the baking process. Muffins can survive one maybe two odd missteps but last night was getting into really iffy territory. First of all, doubling the recipe mid mix doesn’t necessarily spell disaster although you really need to keep track of what has and what hasn’t been doubled. Switching up oil mediums also isn’t necessarily the death knell but I don’t recommend switching up oil mediums mid doubling. Hey, I didn’t feel like adding butter again and veggie oil is more or less pretty darned similar. Hrmph. Also, eyeballing a tupper of cooked squash and declaring it 2 cups isn’t really the same as measuring out two cups of cooked squash. Besides, squashy is good! Add to that the fact that the recipe listed no baking times for muffins (being that it was a quick bread recipe) and things really start to get dodgy. Finally, who the hell makes a 1/2 TABLESPOON measuring unit? Newsflash here, 1/2 TABLESPOON is the same as 1 and 1/2 teaspoons, two units of standardly acceptable measuring spoon quantities. If you don’t have a 1/2 tbsp in your drawer (because you use your brain and the one tsp measuring spoon one and a half times) you can’t mistake it for a 1/2 tsp now can you?

Lastly, it’s just not right to have to add half again as much flour because the mix is too liquidy. Still, they miraculously turned out really tasty despite the fact that they had absolutely no right to. Wonder muffins. I ought to take a picture just for posterity.

Finally, I just want you all to know that I am the goddess of cat moms today. Not only did I put the cat bed on the (people) bed for the Little Kitty (she loves her some bed snuggling and she loves her some kitty bed snoozing even more and the two together just send her into paroxysms of kitty joy) but I put the sleeping bag on the bed so that The “I” can scoot inside it and still look out into the hallway. There is nothing more that cat likes than tunneling into a sleeping bag, unless it’s being able to look out into the hallway after having tunneled into the sleeping bag because his cat mom was thoughtful and set it up that way. The things I do for those critters!

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