Monday Thinks

Hello Monday…wasn’t quite expecting you so soon.

Friday night we hung out at the BadGardens playing Badmovie’s game. TheMan was working late and LunarGeography’s head a’sploded but the rest of us put our heads together and came up with a battle plan for the big chapter end fight. Hmmm…wait a minute, I sort of remember LG being there for the planning. Maybe her head a’ploded in the middle of the game.

Oh right, she was there because we had tiny pies that night. Itty bitty fruit pies for week four of six more weeks of pie. I also think LG went to bed early with a’splody. Anyway, not only did we have tiny pies and come up with a pretty good plan but somehow we also came up with the concept of Iron Chef Rufy. It made us giggle for quite a while.

Saturday TheMan and I got up bright and early for a doctor’s visit in which I got to take Valium. The procedure went OK and I didn’t feel anything like what they said I was going to feel what with the drugs and all. Apparently all Valium does for me is make me sleepy because after breakfast we came home and I face planted in bed. TheMan went off to work a Saturday shift and I remained dead to the world. I might have relocated to the living room to watch some Ghost Idiots. I might have also napped in the living room as well. I am Valium’s bitch.

Later Saturday we got together with the BadGardens and watched the rest of Mr. Smithee’s clips while nomming on pasties. TheQs had dropped off a bunch of pasties when they were here but a good chunk of them were beef so we invited beef eating friends to come over and help us with our conundrum.

Sunday was laundry napping day (Valium still hitting really hard!) along with kitty snuggles and kitty snot. TinyCat is a veritable well of cat snot (but too cuuuute to banish from the bedroom). We were out and about doing this and that so we stopped off at Applebee’s for dinner and then came home to Warcraft. You didn’t think we’d end the weekend without any Warcraft did you?

2010: nope.

2009: JSFR: Sequoia Green Tea

2009: Then I poked my head into the bedroom to see what was going on and there was my sock drawer frantically trying to give birth to a cat.

2007: Nope.

2006: There is only so much clothing a person can take off before they have to start shedding skin, folks.

2005: Nope.

2004: JSFR: Kasuagi

2003: nope.

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