Pleased To Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name.

Hello everyone, these are Do and Don’t, two new travelbugs we made this past weekend. If the weather holds, we’ll drop them off in a geocache this weekend and they’ll be off on their duckie way. It’s a bug race; both of them will start in the same cache and hopefully two different people will pick them up, or one person will drop them off in different caches and then we shall see which one gets further.

TheMan made a travelbug cache bug out of a DAT holder (I think, or something similar) and he put stuff inside the tape case that you are supposed to take and instructions to leave stuff as well. It’s a cache in a cache! That one was released when we went geocaching and Waseming. So far, the Bug in a Box and The two duckies are our only travelbugs but we have 2 more tags to play with. Mom&DadQ got TheMan five travelbug tags for his birthday…what to do with the remaining two?

I think it’d be cool to make and maintain our own cache, maybe seed the remaining bugs in there, however the days of warm and fun trudgery are waning and we can’t seem to think of a good spot to put it. You have to have it in a public place (like a park!) but not too close to any other cache (which are all jam crammed into parks!) and you have to have permission and blah de blah don’t wanna deal with it this late in the season cakes. We also want to have a really cool camouflaged cache and should it have a theme? A clever theme? What? So there are some unresolved issues yet before we branch out and own a cache of our own. The bugs, however, can go on their way as soon as we make them and they are fun to track as well. I think that just got us some beaucoup points on the geek test.

Today’s Public Service Announcement goes out to all you roasted pumpkin seed lovers out there: TheMan says to go easy on those seeds, you don’t need to be crapping wicker.

Alas poor JSF candidate, we knew you well. We had a slight mishap the other day with the newest member of the JSFR which happened to be inside a paper bag TheMan tried to stomp flat for better storage. He thought the bag was empty, apparently it wasn’t so much so. On the plus side, I have a lot more of the snack foods than originally stated on the package, but they are all a lot smaller. Whoops. Good thing we got the Devil Duckies which were also in the bag out of there before the stomping because a sudden whistling squeak on top of the crickity crunch of millions of crackers suddenly crying out in terror and suddenly stoping would have been weird. And perhaps really funny. Damn.

If you haven’t figured it out, today looks like the grand daddy of SAST. Whooo!

WoW Update: Tan hit 34. Huzzah! One more level less one ogre kill to go until Artisan Alchemist. In other non leveling news, the designers of WoW have sprinkled the game with cool Halloween decoration. You can bob for apples and go trick or treating at the local inns (and get turned into all sorts of things!). There are also humongous jack-o-lanterns all about, including inside the inns and in the rooms. You might think that would be a fire hazard no? Maybe they are going to reenact Devil’s Night as well and have the whole place go up in flames? That’d be different.

The atmosphere is pretty festive though.

Tonight is TheMan’s game and the unveiling of a new JSF (not the scrushed one). It’s a mango variety of something that we’ve reviewed before so I’ll be taking notes this time. I do believe I am running out of JSF! That’s not right! Not right at all! On the other hand, I do have to zoom over to Rob’s place to deliver something and My Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store is right there so…

Anybody have any suggestions as to where I can plant my 160 crocus bulbs I got for a song and a dance at Costco? I really should stick them in the ground this weekend but where? Hmmm. Should I maybe start a garden thing? Pepper the lawn? Save a few to force for the winter months? Sprinkle the easement? I don’t know! I have a couple more days to ponder their placement before I go and do something randomly stupid like seed the gutters. Who knows! (And this is why there is a thing called “planning”).

OK, I got nothing else. See ya tomorrow with another song title entry. Maybe.

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