How Many Were Going to St. Ives?

As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. They were kinda greasy.

Happy March everyone. I’m starting out the month with new hand cream at work because someone made off with my previous tube of cream. I’m more perplexed than pissed because it was almost out (I would have had to get new moisturizer by the end of the week or beginning of next anyway) and the missing tube was a cast off freebie from someone who discovered they were allergic to some ingredient in it. However, my hands get really dry at work so I puttered around Meijers to see what they had in the “sits on its head” type of small hand cream. The answer is not much BUT when I found this I stopped looking. I also have been reciting the kits, cats, sacks, wives ditty every time I use the new hand cream and it . that’s about as good as it gets though because St. Ives is greasy and lingers oddly slick. I do not think I will be getting it again despite the riddle fun.

I’m puttering along with reading, having finished the Zombie book. It actually went back to the lending library at the end of January but I might have scanned what I hadn’t read and then finished the book at my leisure. I scan like a mad thing so even if there might have been several lots of pages it didn’t take me very long at all to corral them all up. And then came the reading…which took much longer. Some stories were good, some were interesting, some odd but pretty much all of them were decent. There were no Suny’s in the lot. I’m also still reading A Japanese Inn, The Sun Goes Down, I’ve ordered the second Ghost Hunting book and I have several lots of other books to read.

We might also be gearing up to do the Crazy Hugo Thing 2011 which I’m pretty psyched about. Badmovie is thinking about what he might like to nominate which…I just don’t think I could ever be a nominator. I feel bad that I haven’t read everything out there that is eligible, and that a lot of books, so I always think that whatever I nominated wouldn’t be half as good as something I hadn’t read. I’ll vote once the decision has been made as to what’s on the ballot though.

The kitten report goes as follows: All three cats were snuggling together on the couch. Streuth! I have pictures.

Of course you can’t see TinyCat because she is inside the sleeping bag but Vande is curled up next to TinyCat lump and Tycho is on the other side of TinyCat lump. This does make all three cats snuggling together without bloodshed. HUZZAH!

2010: I thought “Hey, I have some stock and I have some onions, I’ll just slice ‘em up and toss ‘em in.” Oh no! You have to saute the beegeebus outta those onions first before they even think of mingling with the stock.

2009: The answer is one.

2008: JSFR: I Mei French Cookie (chocolate)

2007: All the wives had nits.

2006: TheMan was going to do up a blog spot with more information about exactly what was replaced and all, but the total bill came out to just over 7K.

2005: Every cat had 7 kits..

2004: Plus, this really ought to have been called “Psycho Who Flies Around ENDLESSLY with a Helicopter and Picks Up Women so He Can Behead Them for His “Collection” and Oh, There is a Room Full of Cats That He Feeds the Remains to But They Don’t Do Anything for 99.8% of the Movie”

2003: No vision of horror was waiting for me anywhere and no ghosts were buzzing around trying to hold me down. However something was out there because I heard “Get her” again.

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