Happy Eastern Orthodox Lent

I celebrate by napping!

This weekend was a momentous occasion because the 2011 Smtihees were finished. FINI! We have a show! We do not have buttons, puppets or other promotional things but we gots a show! I celebrated by napping.

TheMan and I also did some Warcrafting wherein I was blown off a city. They have fanCAY new dungeons with the release of Cata and I was strongly encouraged by my raiding peeps to “get the hell geared up already” which…yeah. I’m lazy. But I also don’t like tanking in unfamiliar situations which includes all the new dungeons but most importantly, with PUGs. For those of you not in the know, a PUG stands for Pick Up Group, or random stupid people what want to do a thing, not small weird looking dogs. I’d totally play with small weird looking dogs, they would be a heck of a lot easier to get along with. PUGs tend to suck more than they don’t.

So we possed up a bunch of guildies and ran a random dungeon. We got plopped into the floating city one out in the Arabian Nights part of the new expansion which was pretty cool despite the overwhelming hate for said dungeon by the guildies. I guess there is always going to be one dungeon that is the least popular (which I tend to like. That dragon-y one (Occulus?) in Northrend was the least popular dungeon of that expansion and I like it quite a bit). Anyway, the cloud city dungeon has vortex ways which you jump into to get from platform to platform and also keep you from plunging to your death if you happen to get blown off of the city (or fail to realize how to work a vortex). The dungeon also has MOBs which do a pretty fantastic pushback, which can blow you right off the city if you take tanking advice from a guildie. Twice.

Still kinda like the place though. It’s got nice lines and it’s not too difficult. TheMan got quite a number of ups and I got dungeon points (as did everyone else. Why does tanky stuff never drop?). I celebrated by napping.

I also might have celebrated napping quite a bit this weekend because I decided to take a nap out in the living room with the kittens and wound up thoroughly clonking the beegeebus outta my head. Apparently I can not estimate where my pillow ends and the arm of the couch begins and I found the arm pretty solidly. Then I went to sleep anyway despite the common wisdom which says that if you whackity your head and feel sleepy than you probably ought to play it safe and stay awake. What can I say, I had planned this nap for hours and one thing after another delayed it until I got grumpy and forced a napping. I wasn’t going to give that up for any ‘maybe concussion’.

In hindsight, I slept the sleep of the soundly thumped that day and was pretty tired long after waking up so maybe I did jog the noodle a bit harder than I thought.

The kittens though, were incredibly cute and snuggled up with my head bonking self.

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