Drinking Ghosts

Lately I’ve been tearing through the Travel Channel’s paranormal investigative show Ghost Adventures because NetFlix won’t stream Ghost Hunters. Still. Hint hint NetFlix.

ANYWAY, I miss me some T.A.P.S. because say what you will about paranormal investigators in general, the T.A.P.S. team has a slightly different outlook on hunting and that is to help people. Mind you I’ve only watched the two shows but The Ghost Idiots (which I’ve been fondly calling the Adventures crew) tend to charge in blindly all “GHOOOOOSTS! YEAH!” more often than not while the Ghost Hunters crew likes to step back and say “Wait a minute, what exactly was that?” Then they go about trying to find a rational reason for the bump in the night. 8 times out of 10 (their statistics, not mine) the “bump” is something mundane which they then fix if they can or tell the people they are hunting for what the deal is. One of my favorites was the family who had an attic door which mysteriously opened in the night (Dun Dun DUN!) that boiled down to whenever they accidentally locked the cat upstairs, it jumped on the door handle and let itself out of the attic. Ghost solved!

Naturally we made a Ghost Hunter drinking game way back in the day so I thought I’d yoink it from TheMan’s site and repost it here. To participate fully, divide into “skeptics” and “believers” and have at it.

Everybody Drinks:
Jason says, “Let’s go dark.”
Jason says, “Let’s wrap it up.”
Jason says, “Me and Grant.”

If Jason ever says, “Grant and I.”
Grant explains that “Orbs are just energy.”
They show the Day Job
They use their plumbing equipment for ghost hunting. Yay Rotocam!
They acknowledge the presence of the SciFi camera crew
If a SciFi crewmember speaks
They refer to a “Full Body Apparition” as the “Holy Grail”
Someone gets excited about something they see, and they immediately cut to a commercial

Skeptics Drink When:
Equipment fails (camera falls down, batteries die, laptop crashes, etc.)
Someone plays a prank on the Ghost Hunters (team horseplay counts)
The Ghost Hunters realize they’re recording themselves
Tape reviewers call a ‘huddle’ and decide they’re looking at something mundane (dust / bugs instead of an orb, etc.)
The “Reveal” does not include any technical equipment

Believers Drink When:
Two forms of equipment (EMF & thermometer) pick up on “something”
Someone claims to have a “prickly” or “heavy” feeling
They bring in a non-scientific investigator (demonologist, dowser, etc.)
Something strange on tape can’t be explained as mundane
The “Reveal” involves setting up any sort of equipment
The “Entity” rule! Everyone should pick a favorite euphemism for ghost (ex: Spirit, Entity, etc.). Drink when they use that term.

Since I’ve been enjoying the craziness that is Ghost Adventures, I made a drinking game for that too.

Whenever they turn off the night cam to show how dark it is.
Whenever someone bumps into or falls over something in the dark. TWO DRINKS if it is NOT Aaron.

Whenever any of the Adventurers freak out.

Whenever Aaron refuses to do go along with some sketchy idea Zak or Nick cooks up. TWO DRINKS if Aaron can’t be cajoled into it eventually.

One of the adventurers says “OH MY GOSH!” or “BRO, DID/DO YOU SEE/HEAR THAT?”

Zak invites bodily harm to be done on his person. TWO DRINKS if he invites bodily harm on Nick or Aaron.

One of the Adventurers explains how they use their feelings to hunt ghosts, usually also involves talking about goose bumps or hair raising.

Footage from a previous episode is shown.

Whenever any of the adventurers blatantly ignore safety instructions given to them.

Whenever they show one of their tape ‘X’s on the ground.

Whenever a new piece of ‘scientific’ equipment is used.

Whenever Ouiji-cam spits out a word (the night vision cam with a Speak and Spell voice and the weirdest vocabulary set). TWO DRINKS if the word is actually relevant to the investigation at hand and not ‘ghost wanked’ into making sense.

If you hear the same EVP words they do (hint: close your eyes the first time through and listen. They usually play the EVP three times through so once you think you know what was captured, open your eyes to see if that’s what they say too).

If you can debunk any of their evidence.

If Bob Mackie’s Music World is mentioned.

If the Adventurers return to a previously investigated place.

A possession takes place!

If an EVP is clear and strong in its entirety (everyone playing the game hears the same thing and it matches what the Adventurers say it is).

If they debunk anything.

I’m sure both games can be improved upon but for now, I like the beginnings. Now to test them!

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