Sleep, Sleep Tonight, and May Your Dreams be Realized

I’m having probably more fun than I ought to be thinking up song lyrics for blog titles. I a dork! I’m also sort of running out of exciting stuff to tell y’all what with this blogging every day thing because really, my life isn’t a James Bond adventure by any stretch. I don’t think I even lead a Miss Moneypenny life because she gets to at least have peripheral contact with Mr. Bond. Ahh well, how can I hone my Cheetoness and expect to lead a continually interesting life?

Oi! I am the TIRED today because the great, wonderful, superbly lovely plan TheMan and I hacked out last night went up in a fiery ball of best intentions. Our original plan went something like this:

-TheMan stays late to clip Smithees
-I go shopping
-Get home from shopping and watch the two taped episodes of Ghost Hunters
-Scrounge up dinner for TheMan
-Pick TheMan up from work
-Get home in time to snug into bed early

It was a wonderfully simple plan. But. It didn’t take into account the house server, which has all the Smithee data on it, crashing (wrecking and burning) so someone (hi!) had to zoom home and reboot it in order to start on Smithee anything. I think once you make a change in a plan it loses its structural integrity and starts to come apart. And also I don’t think The Plan took into account the X-Files episode (which I couldn’t remember the ending to) that was mid play when I turned on the TV. And the fact that the tape wasn’t rewound all the way when the X-Files episode (which wasn’t all that) was over didn’t help any either because I sort of got sucked into the SciFi horror movie du jour. So ThePlan eventually became:

-TheMan stays late to clip Smithees
-I zoom home and reset the house server
-Hey! I found some yarn remnants! I’ll start on Frankenblanket! (OK, that was a Shiny!)
-I get dinner and watch the rest of the X-files
-Find the tape isn’t rewound and get sucked into the movie of suck on SciFi (Bone Snatcher and all I have to say about that is Ants? WTF?!?? GAHH!)
-Zoom out and pick up TheMan
-TheMan gets dinner and we watch Ghost Hunters
-We get to bed sometime this morning.

At least the Ghost Hunters were cool. In one case they caught a silhouette of a guy on a thermal scan occupying the same space as a storage locker. They did a bunch of things to debunk it but couldn’t recreate what they got on tape. Full body apparition! The locker number showed up as hot too, which was mighty strange. When they went back for debunking they found that it was just painted on with white paint which shouldn’t glow cherry red on a thermal scan if it’s just white paint. Why was it hot? They also caught some weird thermal stuff when they were being read by a medium. Frekky. I think my favorite part though was when they had a patch of woods to investigate and the tech manager refused to go out in it because he’s afraid of spiders. Hee!

Or maybe my favorite part was when the two city boys were bumbling around in the woods and got freaked by a daddy long legs, a deer, a cat and some branches. Heh.

Tonight my Great and Unevolving Plan will be to catch some Zs while TheMan does some more clipping. I am one tired boo! I’m not even going to fire up WoW, despite the fact that CrazyGnome has a whole bunch of new spells to get. tasty, Tasty fun new spells! Tasty! But no, sleeeeeep first. Warcraft tomorrow! Heh.

As for the rest of the weekend, we don’t have much planned. I think we are playing it by ear. Oh! I forgot about the crocuses. I still haven’t figure out what I am going to do with them. Hmmm! Maybe I’ll have a bit of a lie down and think some thinks on that. Yeah. Thinks.


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