Lucky Charms o’ the Irish

Last year, as we drove by the Brew Pub, we noticed that they had a St. Patty’s Day breakfast buffet and we said to ourselves, “Selves, we need to remember this for next year!” And so we did.

Beer for breakfast seems wrong. Even a hearty stout but it also seems the norm on St. Patrick’s Day so go figure. Anyways, we got up extra early and stopped off for an Irish Buffet. Ish. I always wondered what one has for breakfast if one is planning on drinking all day long, which a whole lot of people plan to do. I’m not sure why those people plan to eat anything because by noon it’ll have come up anyway but what can you do? I think most of the fun today is had in watching the drunks stumble around.

The Corner’s buffet consisted of corn beef hash that I didn’t eat (TheMan said it was ‘eh’), oatmeal with evil vile raisins (I might be prejudiced on account of my raisin vendetta), eggs that weren’t out yet, bagels with or without cream cheese and Lucky Charms. The Charms were an amusing touch. Plus coffee, OJ and beer.

We drank our money in OJ, had a bagel, tried the oatmeal and hash and had to leave before the eggs ever arrived. All in all it was a nice gesture but I think I can just say that I have participated in this Irish Buffet and cross it off my list of “Things I am no longer curious about and don’t have to do again”. The beer, I am told, was tasty. As it should be, coming from the Corner.

I was going to be all crafty like and wear purple for St. Urho but I failed my laundry roll and didn’t have any clean purple to wear. So it was the standard boring green clothing for me. Foo.

Hmmm. I guess today was all around mediocre because we had no notable drunk incidence to report either. Although not much can top drunk crutching from last year. that was a site to see.

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