ConBust Weekend Ought Eleven

Out and back and show number one of Smithee 20 DONE!

Once again we trekked to Northampton for the Smith College ConBust showing of The Smithee Awards and because we decided to check luggage this time (one bag for the lot of us), there were a full set of Smithee giveaway buttons. Yes, I got Shark Puppies done and theMan did his TheMan thing in time for me to have a batch of them to give away. And given away they were; LunarGeography is a crazy thing when it comes to Shark Puppies.

We also were ferried to the various airports on the smallest jet planes the airports had to offer. I am not a fan of the…what do they call it…business flight? I’ve always called the little planes ‘jumper’ planes but these things are pretty obnoxiously tiny. OK, they aren’t themselves obnoxiously tiny except they kinda are but most of the obnoxiousness comes from the people with ginormous “carry on” bags. Really people? ‘Carry on’ does not mean that if you can lug the thing then you can take it in the cabin. There were some bags you could pack an elephant in and I’m talking African elephant sized which is way bigger. The puddle jumpers have enough room to maybe stuff a mid sized purse in the overheads but no. People gotta have their toddler trunk bag as a ‘carry on’.

Truth be told, I do not entirely blame people for trying to get as much in carry on as they can because this paying for a checked bag is crap. Maybe charging for the second bag but if you don’t even get one check-in free than people are going to start bringing their big bags as carry on and then the obnoxious cycle starts. The one thing I love about the tiny planes is that they are really strict about the bags; if you cant squish it in the example box, out it goes to be checked. Our bag was already checked so it was a pleasant flight of just strolling on and off and not having to worry about getting stuff. I couldn’t stand up straight and the toilet was neigh impossible to use unless you had a battle plan going into the facilities but as for bags and such…easy in and out.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. ConBust! We got picked up and since there were several lots of hours left before we had to set up, we had time to knock around. Sean Whose Name is Nate, sara-marie and Tom came around and shuttled us off to dinner at So-in-so’s pizza place. They have a ton of odd pizzas and an interesting take on 7 layer bars: M&Ms! I will have to try that some time. We ate and then we meandered back and then we had a show.

The Smithees went well but we skipped out on the traditional after show booz and food. I think we are getting old and can not party (as well as fly to and fro in tiny airplanes for half the day) as efficiently. The next day we had time to booger around after running the traditional ‘bad movie panel’ so we took a trip to Webb’s…the mostest awesomest yarn warehouse ever. sara-marie spent quite a lot of time talking the place up as well as giving us pointers. We had a good crowd too as several of the guests were knitters/crocheters and whatnot. Mmmm, yarn. My only complaint was that there was yarn for all occasions and I only crochet so more than half the store was rather useless to me for practical purposes and the half that was awesome had some awesome price tags to go with it but I enjoyed looking at all the cool yarn in all the sections. I also picked up a finger puppet crochet book so SCORE!

Later on we went out to eat with SWNiN and crew instead of the usual con-guest dinner and I have to say that I really enjoyed buffet with our friends. We don’t get to see much of the Northampton crowd when we fly out and I loved hanging with them and chatting. We ran into Lynn Flewelling on the way back home and invited her along for Sock knitting and other things. I worked on a JSFR (SWNiN bought me POCKY!!!), some people played anthrax, or contagion, or disease (I…don’t remember the name but it was a really cool game that dealt with diseases and curing them. Outbreak maybe? I’m sure SWNiN will correct me in the comments at some point and then I’ll go “Oh right!” Whatever the game is called, LG and Badmovie deemed it super fun) and some people got talking Top Gear and cars. We showed Lynn the highlights of the show (she was scheduled opposite us) and then we knitted a sock!

sara-marie has the coolest yet complicated sock knitting machine. You have to know maths to work it, which explains why she has one I suppose. We made a sock and then we went back to the hotel. Sunday we came home, on the teeniest, tiniest jet plane and then fell over dead.

Remote control Dalek OH NOES!

2010: Sadly, the tiny aircraft made for some intense bag stuffing and my Little Debbies did not fair well at all. Poor Flat Debbies.

2009: JSFR: Pumpkin Pretz

2008: Planes can pivot on one back wheel. OK, I only have one cool plane factoid but s’trewth!

2007: Apparently, I have hyacinths. Huh.

2006: OH! I had a blood test and I didn’t cheat on that, does that count?

2005: Eventually you wind up picking up buildings, bridges, barges, Godzilla and islands. Crazy!

2004: Too squee about ConBust to update.

2003: Dishes and laundry. Always dishes and laundry.

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