A Distant Ship, Smoke on the Horizon

The dorkiness continues here at the booniverse because the lyric thing still amuses me. I actually wanted to clip something from “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” but man, there isn’t a non sappage line in that whole tune. Do you realize how hard it is to come up with a good smoke lyric? I suppose I could have done Smoke on the Water but Boooo-ooring (and I ran out of patience. Bored now!).

Anyhow, “why smoke?” you may ask and I shall tell you up front and personal like but it involves Warcraft. Oh yes it does AND it is proof that playing Warcraft is a good thing. Last night, while TheMan was Smithee clipping, I hopped onto WoW to shore up some quests and wrangle my inventory. Man that CrazyGnome collects all sorts of stuff because he’s on THREE MILLION DIFFERENT QUESTS that we never *quite* finish up so there is all sorts of quest related crap cluttering his bank and bags. I finally said to heck with completing things the “right and proper” way and bought the last remaining components at the auction house and was done with two quests lickety bamn!

Which is when I noticed Frankencomputer making decidedly weird sounds from under TheMan’s desk. It was all possessed like and making the “Fffffzbip” start up computer noise, which would have been peachy if it indeed had been started up. However, we haven’t touched the critter in six months so my curiosity was a might piqued by the sounds of a computer firing up. I gave it a cursory look see but there appeared to be no lights of awareness on Frankencomputer’s front casing so I chalked it up to bizarrely unexplained and went about my WoW business. I did keep an eye out to see if anything else strange emanated from under the desk, which was rewarded shortly later by a loud sizzling “POP” followed by a good wafting of smoke. Fortunately I was upstairs playing WoW (see? SEE! Warcraft is not only good for the soul, it is good for putting out fires too) so I could hop to and get to the unplugging and the feeling for the hot or the burning. Nothing was overly alarmingly warm so in the end I just opened the windows and stuck around incase anything weirder decided to happen.

When TheMan came home, he decreed by the stink of Frankencomputer’s hind end that we had blown a power supply which had let out all the magic smoke that kept Frankencomputer running. Poor Frankencomputer. We don’t have a full diagnostic yet but it doesn’t look incredibly promising.

Also in the news, we finally pinned down that squirrelly moon and found out a couple of things. One: It is visually confirmed that the crescent sits at a slight cant, at least here just below the 45th parallel. Think of the center of the crescent hanging at about 7:30 rather than the straight side to side 9:00 (you know, if the moon were a clock, which as far as I know no culture has a myth about. Rabbits and a man? Yes. Clock? No). Two: OK, I guess the left half crescent moon is a waning moon which would make the right half a waxing moon and totally the opposite as I thought. Hrrumph. Stuupid moon. Three: The moon does hang upsidown! You have to get up early in the morning though to catch the moon on the setting end of its day (night? Travels!) to see it. Also, it helps to be looking around the full cycle when the first biggest ball of bright isn’t in the sky at the same time. Four: Michigan is one overcast state! I’ve been giving the night sky a look see for the past couple days and it’s damned hard to tell what the moon is doing behind full cloud cover. It could be can-canning up there and I’d have no idea.

Incidentally, a line from Mad, Mad, Moon was the second choice for today’s title because Stuupid Moon! I thought Frankencomputer going up in a cloud of smoke was a more exciting event though so moon motifs were nixed.

Did you check out the JSFR? Mmmmm, mochi. I have a theory that has yet to be tested and this theory goes “The ice cream mochi I first tried is the Ford Festiva to this new mochi’s Ferrari Tessterossa”. I’ll have to get some vanilla new mochi and see if it wows (the exclamation) the socks off of me. Like how that works? It’s a scientific study, this mochi thing. Sadly, the Ferrari mochi is only (that I know of) at My Favorite Little Asian Grocery store on the other end of town that we never visit unless we go see Rob. Hmmm. I think TheMan needs to have some hang time with his good (and lives right near the mochi provider) bud Rob.

I’d do a weekend recap but y’all don’t need to fall asleep this late in the afternoon. Seriously? Our weekend went like this: Friday we played WoW and Tan got to 35. Yea artisan alchemy. Saturday TheMan went into work, I napped, we gamed and ate terrible sushi (bleh!) and we played WoW. Sunday TheMan Smithee clipped, I napped, we ate (not sushi) and played WoW. Really, that was our entire weekend of lazy ass Cheetoness and mind numbing sloth. Oh! Except for the part where Frankencomputer blew up, which was at least exciting in a manner of speaking. Oi. Cheeto.

I didn’t even get my bulbs in the ground which would have taken all of what? A half hour out there with a little hand thing-it spade deelie? Stab, pry, plop, pat-done! Albeit 160 times of stab, pry, plop and pat but not rocket science or hard labor. Alas, the bulbs are still in their bags by the stove and not in the ground and it’s only going to get colder out. Hrumph. Stuuupid bulbs. I blame the moon! And also the fact that I STILL haven’t found “the” spot for them but let’s not focus on that part of the dilemma. Look! The Moon!

Is landscape planning supposed to be this difficult? I need garden elves! Maybe if I had a bunch of tiny hand thing-it spade deelies they would come and plant my bulbs for me.

Before I sign off for the day (since I feel the blather starting to rise), a little note for those of you who enjoy a good show and a good drinking game associated with said show. TheMan and I worked up a nice drinking game for Ghost Hunters which he’ll be blogging at some point in time (I believe we are still dinking with the fine details). It’s just a little extra fun for those evenings when they don’t find much or debunk anything. Hey! That might could be a drink!

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