Weeeeek Endery and the End of Ghosts

Some prepwork was done for the show, because we’re off to ConBust at the end of the week but not so much prepwork was done that I can be lazy.

The MiniSmithee box left today, since it has to be in Massachusetts by Friday, so this weekend was dedicated to getting what we could in the box. Mostly LunarGeography and I sat around one evening and made ballot packs and I actually got to pressing Smithee, quote and ninja buttons. We even found the stash of pens (I believe Badmovie scared them up somewhere…possibly LG did or maybe they both did. We have a lot of pens) and a couple odds and ends which we chucked in for good measure. Prepare yourself for Sumo Dinner Food Drops Smith College ConBust attendees.

Sadly, Shark Puppy buttons didn’t make the box. If I get around to pressing any they will have to go in the luggage…which they can because we decided to check bags this year. $25 buys a lot of relaxing “I don’t have to fight all the rest of y’all to get my bag from the overhead” time that I’m kinda looking forward to.

Other than a rash of last minute Smithee prep, this weekend was a whole lot of lazy. Did I even do any wash? Nope. Plenty of time for that in the four nights left (three if I count the non washing happening tonight as well. What? I hate it when my laundry goes stale. Streuth!). If I get off my duff and press Shark Puppy buttons I can put off laundry another day since I’ll be doing some prep and that’s good in my book. Or something. Moving on!

I’ve run out of Ghost idiots to watch which makes me very sad. Has NetFlix used this time wisely and up(?)streamed Ghost Hunters? No. Who runs NetFlix…me? Sheesh. Out of desperation I fired up Paranormal Activity which was kinda interesting. It’s filmed nicely documentary style for the first half of the story but bit by bit things get kinda hinkey (I think there was a scene which involved some camera work which wouldn’t have taken place were it a documentary but I’ll forgive that some. Demonically possessed Ouiji board is a little harder to hand wave). I’m a little abashed to admit that it took me quite a while to realize it was all a staged film though. What can I say, it had the feel of ‘amateur ghost idiots’ and had just about the same production values. Apparently the director had a vague sort of outline which the actors followed (ish) but there weren’t many scripted lines because he wanted the reactions to be more normal. It worked pretty well and the lack of soundtrack was a nice realistic touch.

Where am I going to get my ghost hunting fix now? Grump.

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