Pie Day Which is Actually Garden Day

Because we did not have any pies. We did have some namby pamby pies to round out “Six More Weeks of Pie” last Friday but no pie today (actually they were pretty good pies; lemon and apple from The Chick Inn. Always wanted to try their pies since they have a PIE neon in the window so we used SMWoP as an excuse. Apple is pretty darned good). We fail at pie when it counts but we succeeded at pie for when it counts differently. I think maybe we had too much pie.

Did I just say that? Let’s pretend I didn’t and move on shall we?

It’s finally getting warm around these parts and just this evening I noticed my neighbors have full on daffodils. Flowers and everything! So of course I had to booger around my own plants and take stock.

The periwinkle survived the winter. I do not think anything short of a nuclear strike can stop that stuff; it appears as if I’m going to have to go at the south side front garden again and rescue the roses and house. Periwinkle has an agenda! The north side front garden I never got around to liberating so that too will need a machete. As will the side garden WHERE THE GROUND COVER IS NOT SUPPOSED TO GROW! Tell it that though, periwinkle lacks the ears or the intelligence to comprehend boundaries. On the plus side, I think I have found the ground cover to replace the easement sod. Periwinkle: The Kudzu of the North.

Now that’s an interesting landscape battle: Periwinkle vs. Kudzu.

I am contemplating also maybe planting violets, ivy or thyme and let a small war break out on the easement. It would amuse me greatly.

Speaking of roses, which I was up there somewhere, all 8 front garden roses seem to have survived the winter (I yet again failed to winterize them properly but they all made it! I have hardy plants. Or maybe periwinkle has a high insulating factor). My two climbing roses also look ready to go which made me squee with delight. I might really like the Joseph’s coat plant because it has a millionty different colored flowers. The Fourth of July one always has a millionty blooms so I suppose I should like that one equally as well but…shiny colors! (The Fourth of July plant is also a hardier, bushier plant so it kinda looks better too but what can I say. The shiny! has me enthralled.) I also have daffodil sprouts but no flowers yet. Grow you bulbous plants, GROW!

And now we get to the sad garden news which is that LunarGeography and I never got off our duffs and ordered seeds in late winter. No awesome white tiny tomato sproutlings for me. I suppose if Coleman’s has the white fellas I’ll get them but I doubt it. Le Sigh. Next year I will start planning much earlier so I can procrastinate and still be on time. I also need to find a place for sprouting plants which won’t get cat head in it. Tycho is a master space Ninja and gets into the strangest places. I expect a tray of seeds on a counter isn’t going to pose a challenge for his ever curious (and sometimes destructive) nature.

2010: Yes, that IS George R. R. Martin’s book whatever the last one was of the Song of Fire and Ice. I didn’t read it when it came out and then I sort of didn’t read it later and now I’ve forgotten most of what lead into it so I have to read the whole series again and why do that until there is a definite release to book the next?

2009: Happy Pi Day! (3.14). In celebration…PIE!

2008: If a Godzilla or Ice Yeti comes hatching out of the secret front yard heat sink lair, I’ll take pics for everyone to see.

2007: I opened the window to let the warm spring air in and immediately two cats parked their hinders in the breeze.

2006: Crocus: Strapping scouts of spring or dumbass flowers that bloom too early? Discuss.

2005: I never did find a marketable use for snot, which is sad because I’d be a millionaire as of this morning.

2004: JSFR: Mousse Pocky.

2003: See number one. CAUTION: Slow fumble fingers at work!

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