In the Dark Where All the Fevers Grow

Title brought to you by TheMan. Even he is getting in on the geeky! Of course I pestered him about it, channeling my inner 4 year old (So? So? You like my lyrical interlude titles? Huh? Huh?) until he came up with today’s topical entry moniker. The other choice was “The night is dark but the sidewalk’s bright” which makes it 0 for 2 for The Boss, if anybody’s keeping score.

Well, no one died today, but only because I put on fat socks, a big thick wooly sweater over a polo shirt and my favorite undies after taking a shower that would get me into the Polar Bear club no questions asked. DTfuckinE couldn’t be bothered to come out anytime sooner than today(ish) to rejuice us and we still don’t know what’s going on. On the plus side, we’re paid up at least through February what with paying them on-line and then having to pay them again in person for the same bill and then some because…oh hell. I don’t know, ask DTfuckinE why, they’ve got all the customer friendly policies. Did you know that they have a sign on their drop box saying that drop box…droppings? won’t be processed for three to five days? Why? Do they have to walk around the city once before stepping outside and getting the mail? Look, the box is RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR, what could possibly take so long?


We hoofed it over to DQ’s house for dinner which was mucho delish delicious corn bread and coleslaw and…oh yeah, venison chili. Heh, I was all about the bread and leafies which were outstanding. I had seconds and possibly thirds. Hard to tell when you have only two bowls of slaw, but two huge heaping bowls. What is the call on that? Two? Two discrete servings that are 1.5 servings each? Anyway…slaaaaaaw!

We also watched Van Helsing, which was a really good movie. I was on the edge of my seat at the end because they did something really cool that they could have left (and there by cementing the movie in my head as a very cool movie) or they could have suck-a-fied it (and left the movie as a movie that could have been very cool until they went pansy and made it stupid) and it was really hard to tell which way they were going to go. Up until the credits, I was wondering, “Will this go Hollywood stupid or will this stay surprisingly awesome?” No worries, they stayed the path of righteously wicked.

You will want to watch this movie for the nice job of mixing stories and legends it accomplishes and the kicking of mighty ass. Oh yeah, this movie hit the ground kicking ass and did not let up until the end credits were neigh imminent. That’s a fun movie. And…you know…Hugh Jackman. How that man can seem such a doofus in real life and pull off action lead as well as anyone else out there is beyond me but he does.

Afterwards we went home and froze our tootsies off. Heh. It must have been really cold because I snatched Little Kitty and stuffed her under the covers this morning for some warm scritchies and she didn’t complain hardly at all. Normally, she gets all annoyed that she was shanghaied under the covers and pitches a fit unless you are giving 110% on the scritchie front. Then, as soon as you let up for an instant-zhoop! She’s outta there (it’s a whole different kettle of fish if SHE is the one to initiate under cover cat). This morning she put up a small fuss, and then settled right in. She even stayed under the covers when I crawled out (brrr-rrrr-rrrr) to get dressed. She was still there when I was done and still there after I got all my stuff together. As far as I know, she was hunkered in for the long haul as she was not moving one iota from under the cozy covers.

You might think she’d have learned to get under the covers herself, but that trick seems to have eluded her smooth walnut brain.

OH! In computer game news we haven’t been playing Warcraft since DTfuckinE got all jiggy with the billing and we haven’t been playing KoL since Jick blew away the main script (whoops) but I have been dinking around in Urban dead. I’d like to report that someone unzombied my zombie, again, but this time I was able to get into a building, die and come back rezombied. Huzzah! And buffet! I had a grand old time eating people left and right until someone killed me and chucked the body outside. No matter, I ate at least some off of three or four people that were there. Ghnerh!

More fun than a zombie should be allowed to have.

Whoot! TheMan just called and we have gas and electricity! OK! I gotta go get replacement perishables since the freezer and fridge didn’t keep everything tip top chilly. Our freezer chest could have cared less about the power, everything there is still rock solid. Maybe we need a newer fridge unit.

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