Just for you, here is the song currently stuck in my head:

walk along
darkened corridors

Got it? Good, now we can both have this little ditty rolling around in our brain!

..and because it’s not Anna Ng, I am still happy. Of course, I could have picked a longer song to be bee-bopping about my brain case but then again I could have “Misteeeeeeeeeeeriiious whispers” in there too so things even out I suppose. Oh, that’s sort of how I hear the song in my head, not how it’s actually written out. The true lyrics are even shorter (“Mysterious whispers” There you have it, the entire song) which is kinda sad because there is nothing left to do but repeat “Mysteeeeeeeeeeeriiious whispers” over and over again ad nauseaum.

Pfew, I am in a very me-centric mood today. I think I’m a tad cranky too or I will be by the time the day is over. I got that sort of storm warning thing going on where it is entirely conceivable that I will be in full blown bitch of nastiness mode by the end of the evening. I get this way when I get sick, which I am hoping is not the case even though I have gone to bed early and exhausted the past two nights. I do have an asthma thing going which has not quit for about three weeks solid and now I have a pre-sinus thing going which may or may not become a full out head cold or may just lurk about as some form of allergy head thing. Both of those are a ball of fun let me tell you. Whatever the instigator, I am feeling petulantly selfish today and if I don’t get some proper TLC complete with the peeled grapes and fanning palm fronds heads are gonna roll!. Me! It’s ALL about me dammit and don’t you forget it!

Heh, we shall see where the tide goes…hopefully I have some sort of turn around this afternoon. Come on sunshine! Boo needs a nice relaxing warm lunch walk in the warm!

0.2/0.2, 0.3/0.3, 0.5/0.5. What is up with those numbers? I have them scribbled on a piece of lavender paper on my desk (not that being lavender has anything to do with anything, it just happened to be a convenient piece of paper) that also has a bunch of other scribbles on it for a project in mid development. Of course those scribbles are clearly marked but not these weird decimal number pairs. I have no clue what I could have been working on that would have generated these kind of numbers. Do I need to keep them? Are they important? Or were they just a temporary importance that has been solved and I no longer need to know 0.3/0.3? Hmmm! Hate that when I do that.

Listened to the Brian Setzer (Seltzer? Alka-seltzer?) Orchestra yesterday while on route to pick up TheMan and it was a good listen for a botched music selection. See, it was one of those nice day moments that peppered the entire day (meaning, no rain for a brief period) so I decided to find something on the iPod that was a grooving tune but wasn’t a They Might Be Giants tune (too much of that caught in my head already) and I saw Brian Setzer and thought “Cool!”. Unfortunately I got Brian Setzer mixed up with Herb Albert (?) and the Tijuana Brass (or whoever does that, Evolution Control Committee?) so I was a bit surprised with the tunes that came on, but they were big bandish so I left them. Had a most enjoyable drive to the hospital too to pick up the man. Sometimes you just gotta go big band you know?

Well, I gotta say, today’s blog has been a pretty miserable waste of space. Ooo, repetitive tunes, cranks, mysterious numbers (Mysteeeeeeeeeeriiious numbers!), and accidental tunes. It doesn’t get more rocking than that, I tell ya. Alright, I’m just going to quit now and hope I get some better inspiration later. Ciao!

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