Full Circle…Sorta

We found this magazine at the doctor’s office and asked if they might be willing to copy the recipe for cast iron pan cinnamon rolls. They took a look at their stash o’ zines and said that we could just have this one. It’d make their magazine organizing easier by one issue. We did not press our luck because CAST IRON CINNAMON ROLLS!!!

During break I pulled out the Family Circle to look up the recipe and also to see what else it might have.

I think this is when the picture taking started because hee! I am eternally 12 years old. MEAT!

Then I came to this page and was all, “What the hell Family Circle!” Seriously? Arrange your books by color or size?!?! Is by subject and or author’s last name so passé these days that we have to develop totally new and useless methods of arranging books? “Well I’d really like to reread To Kill a Mockingbird but I can’t remember if I have it under ‘yellow’ or ‘6 and 3/4 inches’.” Stupidest thing ever. Unless you are one of those people who don’t read books but collect them to look cool, in which case Ima coming to your house and taking all your books so I can distribute them to people who care. And read. Don’t worry, I’ll leave you with something appropriate…like maybe marshmallow fluff or dryer lint sculptures. Crimony!

Just as I was about to pop a gasket about the book idiocy I turn the page to find this. How sad am I that I nabbed this book in March when the snow is gone? Because I am totally going to have to do this one of these days. Best! Snowmen! EVER!

Another cool thing I found was this ad splash for some makeup something or other. I could care less about the product but I loved the look of this page. So sparkly! I kinda want to buy the product now so I can make cool looking things like this picture.

Family Circle redeemed itself at last with a recipe for penne with vodka sauce. Yum and also YAY! Vodka sauce!

2010: Arranging my books by number of pages and not updating.

2009: Actually, it was probably more like a pile of fiercely crabby yet exhausted goo. With teeth.

2008: This is the all new zombie cabaret review of “duck, duck, GOOSE!”

2007: If you’ve never seen a dozen eastern European guys lying buck naked in a meadow somewhere out in the farmlands of Syria and humping the ground for all their worth, then you are clearly missing out.

2006: Now all books are arranged by editor…

2005: Except that has at least some minimal use.

2004: The tire looked like it had melted off it was that flat.

2003: So I rearranged by tertiary character’s middle name.

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