Mumses’s Birthday Day

For my mommy’s birthday: A pretty picture.

TheMan and I had Monday off so we scheduled another early(ish) morning doctor appointment and then tootled out to Nick’s Original Pancake house for breakfast. I’ve been working my way through the odd pancakes, because I can!, and so far there have been less stellar dishes than there have been OK dishes or meh dishes. It’s my lot in life to get meh pancakes which sound like they ought to be awesome. Boston Cream Pie French toast? I’d totally hit that…except they didn’t have custard-y cream and the chocolate was Hershey’s syrup. Peach cobbler French toast sounded like they would have been awesome but the peaches were crunchy and the granola (the “cobbler” was too. To me peach cobbler is soft squishy peaches and topping which is both gooshy where it hangs near the peaches and crispity on top). So while the ideas sound awesome, the implementation doesn’t work far more than it does.

The Fat Elvis though is totally worth it.

Anyhow, TheMan, being more of a savory sort, got breakfast nachos. I thought he was crazy but actually they were super good. Lesson learned: No matter how tempting the sweety dishes are, Nick’s excels at the savory stuff. The Andouille omelet (or hash or whatever) is FAAAAAAABULOUS and the eggs Benedict aren’t half bad. The only gripe I have is that the hash browns are pretty lacking unless you like you hash browns more like warm, shredded, slightly browned (maybe) mashed taters. I do not.

In the afternoon Mumses came out to take us out to eats for her my birthday…which was in January! She wouldn’t hear of us picking up the tab despite it being her birthday since she had missed my birthday a while back. Silly mumses. We, of course, ate way too much food (the scallops were fantastic!) and then rolled home to nap the rest of the day. Well, we did, mumses went home.

We also celebrated Mumses first solo driving since she cracked her foot. Yay mumses!

2010: Hot and sour soup anyone? I hope so. Otherwise we might have strange tasting orangish flavored turkey broth soup.

2009: Will you still need her? Will you still feed her?

2008: “Voldemort’s Nipple! I forgot to feed the cat before we left!”

2007: “If I knew you were going to take full picture of us I would have quit chewing!”

2006: You know when you see a really cool food thing on TV and you want to try it out at home? Sometimes it takes a while to get it right.

2005: I mean, take the following sentences: “God smote me for singing the lamby joe song” versus “I was smitten by God for singing the lamby joe song”. The first one sounds much more serious and old testament. I can see God frowning his cranky God frown and saying, “OK, I’ve heard about enough of that lamby joe song from boo. One lightning bolt, coming up!” while the other one sounds more like I’m singing an ode of devotion and lamby joe goodness to the almighty.

2004: All this is leading to the astonishing fact that I, Rokokyu for going on two some years now, actually went to class last night.

2003: A moment of bloggy silence for my mumses.

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