There, Beyond the Bounds of You Weak Imagination

I might have either added a comma after You or used Your but I didn’t write the lyric. I also am not making beaucoup moolah from lots of royalties off the song so maybe my perspective on sentence structure isn’t all that. Anyway, Happy Halloween!

Whoohooo weekend recap! I had a pretty fun weekend despite a couple of obstacles and a couple of check list items not even being looked at much less checked. Ah well. Check this out…is this the third weekend in a row where I remembered what I did Friday? I’m writing in word and too lazy to look it up on the site but it may very well be. Woah! What we did Friday is catch some dinner and then zoom on over to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s place for the first Amber game. It’s diceless so I’m sort of interested to see how that works, but the first session of any game is pretty much getting people and things situated so I didn’t learn that much. It does seem to lend itself to more RP which will be a nice change. I think the best thing that came out of it was when we dubbed Baby D the littlest Aztec after she mimicked one of us saying “Eat your heart out” except she decided to drop everything but “Heart out”.

Saturday we were going to go geocaching with Scott H (otherwise known as Scott H) but we misplaced the geotracker thing-it device. Hrrrm! We looked high, we looked low, we looked to, we looked fro and nada. We went out anyway and managed to find (through the clues) the first part of a two part cache but there was a LOT of frumpin about the woods while doing so. The park was pretty cool with lots of up and down (much to the consternation of my knee which was acting up) and an old rifle range and a giant culvert. And burrs. Lots of burrs. Everywhere burrs. Picky!

Afterwards we went to a nearby breakfast joint and then to my Newest Secondest Favoritest Asian Grocery Store. While they had some fantastic deals and I stocked up on some great (Asian) snackfood, they live on the north side of the other end of town. Someday I’m going to find a decent favorite Asian grocery store closer to the house. I picked up some cuttlefish crackers (hee!), some sweet potato cookies and something else…OH! UFO crackers. Don’t ask, all I can say is they have tomato. At least on the packaging. TheMan found something that tickled his fancy so much that he bought it and decided he was going to do a guest review of it without any prodding from me at all.

Then to home, to laundry and to costuming! The shirts came in and we went generic! Huzzah! We also came bearing cheese which was a huge hit. The Cheese Gods want everyone to share the love. We had two parties to go to so we were going to split the time. Sadly (?) Alessar’s party was rockin well into the evening while Rob’s shindig folded up early so we didn’t get to hit maximum partiage at both places. Eh, Alessar had better variety of eats (shrimps! Cheeses! And somebody brought those mallocream pumpkins and someone else brought more. I was in heaven) but Rob had the pumpkin cheesecake. Yum. Oh, wait. Mojitos. I forgot about those. My new favorite drink in a bucket.

Sunday we were ill from all the Halloween crap we ate Saturday. I tell you, the older I get the less the body can deal with binge mallocream consumption. Is that fair? Anyway, I made four mix bags of Halloween cut out cookies for work and frosted a good chunk of them with the two cans of frosting I bought. Note to self: The proper ratio is one bag of cookies to one can of frosting. I baked pumpkins, ghosties, cats and four bats before my bat cookie cutter up and died on me. It’s one of those deelies that theoretically imprints stuff on the dough, but the reality of it is that it grabs the dough and wont let go until you get a knife and pry the globby mess out of the cutter. Hate that. I’m partial to the wire frame cookie cutters where you can gently persuade the dough out of the shape by poinking it from the top. I need a new bat cutter.

We did not get our pumpkins carved, which means tonight will be another episode of the seven second Jack-o-lantern. Seems we leave these things to the last minute more often than not. The bright side is at least they will be freshly carved! Stay tuned tomorrow for the Geeky Q Halloween Urchin Count. As it stands so far:
Other than that oddball 2003 number (must have been raining), I’m betting we’re due for a 51, 52 or a 53. The weather, so far, has been gorgeously fall warm so I’ll place my bets on…53. You heard it here first! Incase you were wondering, this year’s toy is a glow in the dark stretchy skeleton and Halloween duckies for the little kids.

OK! I gotta wrap this up and skedaddle! It’s pumpkin carving/Urchin counting (but not urchin carving) time!

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