Random Picto Kitty Interlude

Look! A Snuggle! Well a snooze at least. I think this tableau remained unhostile for about 10 minutes. Still…Ambassador TinyCat FTW!

Tess and Tycho are excellent buds. They don’t snuggle all that often but when they do it’s almost always a d’awwwww moment.

During New Year Tess discovered that she could climb her way up into the hat shelf of the closet! It was awesome! Except for the fact that she didn’t exactly have a way of getting down. Having stayed up all night (whoops) she decided that perhaps this wasn’t the most awesomest spot ever and hasn’t been up since. Smart one that Tess.

Tycho…well we love Tycho.

If he isn’t eating a camera strap he’s going after a drooly nom nom. He’s really funny when he gets a hold on one because he goes about growling at everyone who might even think of looking at his nom. Yes you! He will so cut you.

Here’s another favorite thing of Tycho’s: The swing. He and Tess lurve to go upstairs and run about like ninnies.

Sometimes Tycho sleeps.

Sometimes Tess doesn’t try to help with the crocheting.

Most of the time Tess likes to be in bed or blanket with you. And would you mind pulling the covers down? It’s a bit chilly.

I said would you mind pulling the covers down because it’s chilly.

Why who is that gorgeous cat?

BWAAA! I slay me!

Woah…you mean this stuff like grows? Why have I been wasting my time with the nom noms?


2010: Then again, it might have been much easier to get the leaves and such out of my garden beds with how the breeze was carrying on. WEEEE!

2009: I really should unpack the remaining roses before we get more rain but not tonight. I have a new book!

2008: I sat down and wrote up two snack food reviews. I am perpetually so far behind on them it’s no longer funny.

2007: JSFR: Meltyblend (milk)

2006: As always, bananas are exempt. Why? No idea. Lucky I guess.

2005: NomNomNomNom Wheeeeee.

2004: I check on them every so often and every so often there is absolutely no change.

2003: Man, cold ASS coffee is the hardest thing to slug down and the only reason I’m drinking it at all is because I’m thirsty and too lazy to get up and get me some hot water for tea.

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