Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere

What posses Word to arbitrarily decide one day that all documents will open at 150%? For that matter, what possesses Word to do anything that it does? I once had an entire folder of sub-foldered documents (somewhere close to 1000 of them) up and declare their solidarity with Quebec and spontaneously refuse to speak anything but French. You can imagine the red that peppered each and every document as the French dictionary tried to make sense of information written in English. Why? *I* didn’t tell it to cede from the Union, Word just suddenly had a French thing and wala! (well technically, voila!) Au François.

BTW, “François” is in the Word dictionary. See? SEE!

So! All Saint’s Day. It was sort of All Digestive System Failure Day for me so I stayed home and tried to keep everything in. Fun! By noonish I was up and around without too many worries which was good as TheMan and I had dental appointments. It’s been…ahhhh….errrr…well, I did go to the dentist before I got the condo, but I didn’t like him (dude ground my teeth down. Ground! My! Teeth! That’s just wrong) so I didn’t go back. Hey, my teeth! Anyway, I was sure I’d have a bazillion cavities but my rock hard teeth came through again. Huzzah teeth! Clean bill of health. TheMan waived his teeth cleaning in lieu of getting his tooth reattached. He’s got 3 fake teeth from various and sundry accidents and one of the caps had jarred itself loose.

Let me tell you, TheMan is one cranky person when his tooth is slip-sliding about his head. Oi! Fortunately, the dentist popped the cap off, checked the stubbly nub of original tooth for any signs of root rot [shudder. That’s just wrong. WRONG! And fortunately, not present but still. Root rot! Gahhhh], cleaned everything up and glued it all back together. TheMan came out of the office about 75% happier. I love our new dentist!

I dropped TheMan back off at work, zoomed home and then proceeded to not notice the biggest ball of bright slip from the sky. How does that happen? Here I am sitting on the couch dinking with KoL while the sun sets and then falls of the edge of the earth forever AND I’M TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO IT! When I finally did buy a clue, it was so dark I couldn’t see the keys without dipping the screen down so it lit them up. ‘Course then I couldn’t read the screen but you would think I might say “Hmmm! It’s getting dark.” or maybe “Well, I should turn some lights on no?” a leeetle bit before the whole world went black. Yeah, things went from light to ‘so dark you have to do that careful shuffle to the nearest light switch because nothin’s bouncing off your retinas’. I musta been in the zone to miss that kind of transition.

TheMan stayed out until pretty late doing Smithee editing for the upcoming Smithee Primaries. If you are in the area and would like to help decide which A2 clips make it to the big shows, drop by the Michigan Union at 8pm. We’re in the Wolverine room, which if I remember, is really close to one of the tastiest coffee shops. Mmmm, Black Forest Mocha.

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