The Movie Wasn’t So Hot, It Didn’t Have Much of a Plot

Whoooo! MINI-SMITHEES! Tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow) at 8pm, Wolverine Room in the Union. Which, if you replace just the U with an O you get Onion. I have no idea why that amuses me so, but every time I walk by the big old MICHIGAN UNION sign I think that to myself and laugh like a loon.

Tomorrow. It is creeping its petty pace and we’re not *quite* done with the Mini-Smithee show. Well, by “we” I totally mean TheMan because I can’t do much but sit there and go “Buhh-buh-buhhh” as he does the hasty and final edits. I’ll have you know, however, it’s a very encouraging and supportive Buhh-buh-buhhh. Hey babe? Buhh-buh-buhhh!!!

The show’s actually all assembled and hanging around in electronic space somewhere but something about a thing-it software whatchamacallit is keeping it from moving to real space. Or something. Hey! Buhh-buh-buhhh!! Anyway, TheMan has to go back tonight to the other office before the Amber game and stick all the nebulous floating in electronic space bits onto a DVD. Then, THEN we will have life. It’s alive!!! This also means we have tomorrow morning to watch it through and see if there are any last minute edits that need to be done quick-quick before 7pm that very night.

Ahhhh! The thrill of an impending deadline! Feel the rush! I gotta get my Buhh-buh-buhhh practice on.

OK then, did I totally miss doing an entry yesterday? What did we do Wednesday anyway? Oh right! We had the Wednesday game and cracked open a couple of my lounging around Japanese Snack Foods. One was a Tohato tasty (but still not the Strawberry Tohato which shall go down in JSF history as the almost 5, but for looking like shrimp, crack tastiness of doom) and the other was the cutest squid shaped Chex construction snack thingit ever. Awww! Little Chexopods! They even made the cut for possible Smithee Show food! (Which means they met both parameters of cheap and not quite right but mostly edible). If my New Second Favoritest Asian Grocery Store still has them come spring, there will be cute squid shaped Chex looking snacks available. Assuming I remember. Someone remind me come March eh?

BTW, here’s an amusing little factoid for you all, Badmovie’s assessment of the cute Chexopod snacks (which didn’t manage to score many more pea points after the cuteness factor) was “Well, they aren’t Melon Ass“. Puchi Pasuteru has got to be the most internally linked to JSF in the entire review. It amuses me greatly how the utter nastiness of a Snack Food inevitably comes down to whether they are worse than the melon ass balls. So far, Puchi is still the king.

Oi! Well I’d give y’all a weekend prediction but it’s kinda look like this: MINI-SMITHEES! AAHHHHHHH! AHHH! AHHHHHH! (Buhh-buh-buhhh). I am looking forward to ballot counting, a job I whole heartedly and with much zest stole from Badmovie. Ha! (Hey, he gets to count for the big shows and plus, I think he makes a wonderful bimbo. After all, he let everyone smell his meat* at Alessar’s Halloween party, he was born to bimbo!). And of course the traditional after Smithees Pizza House booze and food run. But of course.

OH! And going to Cabella’s on Sunday. DQ and I sort of hatched it up. I’ve never been but I hear it’s an experience unto itself. If I’m not back Monday, loose the sniffering hounds!

*LunarGeography supported the idea of everyone smelling her husband’s meat, in fact she encouraged it by helping him into his costume. He was bacon. He even wore a bacon air freshener as a charm. It’s amazing what you can get at Archie McPhee.

Last year at the booniverse: That’s what it boils down to and for kicks and giggles I wonder if all you who voted “Yes please! I do not want same sexed couples to have the right to marry!” would do me a favor. Substitute “black” or “Jew” or “mixed race” or “protestant” or “poor” for “same sexed” and read it to yourself.

Last year at the booniverse: I’m just not fast enough in my head to spell out Q…U… before my hand begins impatiently making bumpity-bumps waiting for me to get to the rest of the name.

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