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The publicity shop has been working overtime on all these keen publicity things. This is a composite pic of the artist’s rendition of the new buildings.

Composites! You can’t really see the pics that well but there are hundreds of them from the construction. It’s cool.

This is me being dorky. This is also the roof of the commons mostly glassed in.

This is also me gettin all artsy plus a blurry view of South Hall. They are coming along quite nicely with that project; the outer stone is on mostly around the whole place. The Law School gives periodic updates to the construction (which I think is also through the publicity peeps) and they told us that the interior stuff is hopping along at a good clip. Wood paneling! That’s got to be really close to somewhat done yeah? They also do this and that which always involves drilling. You can feel it through your bones when you are underground. Which I am most of the time. Thump thump thump.

Hmmm. I am a wee bit peeved with the new reservation system. Twice I’ve done the proper stuffity stuff, looked at the room schedule and confirmed that nobody was in the room I wanted, sent in my request and…DENIED! It seems like somebody got their request in first…twice. Hrrmmm. The peeps who deal with the system told me there are a few glitches that they have to work out but on the whole it beats tracking it by paper. I guess I agree with that but I am still miffed about being booted twice.

Warcraft! I am working on getting Tan up to 85 but the fish world is killing me. I do not like the 3D swimming thing at all. It’s very difficult to tell where things are in relation to other things which makes it hard to loot and hard to figure out where things are to smackity. Plus I’m really tired of fishies. It’s a very pretty place but the Crazy Gnome needs to be moving on.

Kitties! Tess has curly hair! Tess also has taken a liking to jumping at my head while I am playing Warcraft. This has resulted in two raid wipes as my character goes careening off somewheres while I dance around with a TinyCat clawing frantically at my person. It wasn’t pretty. Tycho on the other hand loves to play with the moving people on the screen…which involves traveling over the keyboard to get there. Playing Warcraft with the kitties is hard.

My $12 shoes have probably given me about $14 worth of service. They have lasted longer than they should have but they are starting to seriously fall apart top and bottom. I Sharpied the wear hole on the top a while back but now it’s a bit too big to cover up with black marker. I also noticed that the sides are giving way and I can see my sockses through the gap. Water also gets through the gap so I think I need to retire these shoes. I’d go looking for my $20 shoes but I put them somewhere safe when I started wearing the $12 shoes. DOAH!

2010: Leaky shoes are no good.

2009: CATS! ON MY HEAD! And look, they wiped a post.

2008: My southern neighbor raked his entire yard and got everything into 7 lawn bags. I hate our trees.

2007: JSFR: Milk Chocolate Pocky

2006: I’ve seen them whip around and crack a dumbass fratboy in the head when he turned around to gloat to his mates about how fast he got the thing spinning.

2005: Oh absolutely! If you had something I didn’t, I was all about the sharing.

2004: Hey! Did somebody already schedule my post?

2003: I want so much snow that it fills up the light wells (and zen you will have snow in your light well!) at least past the first window pain.

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