Ones and Ones and SHARKS!

Heh. 41111. I hardly know where to stop with the ones. Good thing it’s not 1:11 or November because then the whole update would be 111111111111111111111111111!111111111111.

This weekend was Smithee Prep productive! For once. I dragged all my puppet makin’ stuff over to DQ’s and we made puppets like mad things. As usual there are the traditional Smithee 4 puppets which go to each of the Supreme Committee members (or probably most likely the family members of said committee members for I know that I am really more the puppet custodian than TheMan is. I suspect that LunarGeography is more the puppet custodian than badmovie is but that’s not to say that Mr. Smithee or the Sultan can’t be the custodians of their little creatures). There are also the 4 show puppets: Two for the A2 show and two for the Origins show (one for intermission giveaway and one for “end of show but ballots are still being counted” giveaway). This year I decided to make two extra puppets; one for the fellow who came up with the idea several years ago during a running of Schlock and one for DQ. It seemed only fair since without his “Those Amazing Shark Puppies” movie there would be no shark puppies this year and without DQ I’d still be making puppies well into 2013.

Shark puppies take a lot of work. I was particularly proud of myself because I did the design from start to finish…sorta. They are based off of the Godzillas which we did for the MegaMeta 2 or 3 or whatever it was but I couldn’t find the Godzilla pattern. I remembered well enough how we put them together to whip up a pattern but I will confess to making a paper mock-up which I pieced together (with tape!) and then altering it because I have skinny weird hands yo. I thought I had compensated for my freaky thin hands but apparently hands plus sewing together gap is much wider than you might think. The Sharks looked absurdly huge but sewed up just fine. *shrug*

Anyway, the Shark Puppies have three sharky skin pieces (swim suit material), three satiny pieces (mouth and two ear flaps), two toothy pieces plus five fuzzy puppy pieces (body, outer ear flaps and paws). You wouldn’t think that cutting out 13 pieces of stuff would take so long but you would be wrong. You might also have scissor cramps like I had. Owwie. I did not get all the pieces cut out this weekend, mainly because I left the toothy pieces bit material at home accidentally but also because I got scissors cramps and we only need 4 for the A2 show (two for giveaway and two for LG and I to show the audience).

Putting them together was also a bit labor and time intensive. I started with pinning the top two sharky pieces together and giving that to DQ. She’d run them through the sewing machine, attaching them at the top fin seam, and then hand them back. I’d then pin in the satiny mouthy bits and two bitey teeth bits along with the bottom sharky bits and hand them back. Shooga shooga through the machine and I’d get the sharky front piece back again. Meanwhile the puppy body, leg and ear parts had been pinned into tubes (and ears) which DQ sewed while I was pinning sharky mouth parts. The legs came back to me for turning and stuffing and then DQ sewed them onto the puppy body parts. The puppy part came back to me…again and I finally pinned the shark part to the puppy part. Somewhere in there the shark puppies got ears too and eventually the whole thing was stuck together and then hemmed to create a whole shark puppy. There was a lot of back and forth and someone may have gotten hit in the head with flying shark puppy pieces. Twice.

We managed to get half of the lot mostly completed (5 of them need hems so they don’t unravel or floof or something something sewing something) and sadly one of them wound up with iis teeth on backwards. Damned teeth. They were the hardest part of the whole shark puppying. For starters, the teeth are a flat strip of toothiness which had to be pinned into a round bit of mouthiness between the sharky skin and satiny mouth lining. Straight doesn’t really like to become round without a lot of fussing and more often than not I wound up with lopsided shark teeth. So I’d repin and get the centering right only to find out I had pinned the teeth on backwards or inside out so I’d have to start over. We were lucky that only one shark puppy had its teeth on backwards. Thinking in unfinished sewing 3D space hurts my tiny smooth brain.

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