Ann Arbor Smithee 20

We had us a dang fine humdinger of a show.

Our first surprise was that The Sultan and his wife (an Uber Bimbette I believe) showed up. They haven’t been to an A2 show since forever or basically since TheMan took over hosting is a millionty years ago. I think TheMan has been hosting A2 for maybe 12 years now? Give or take.

While hauling in stuff, I was amused by the various chalk graffiti. Smiles everyone!

I’m a little trepidatious about this one. Does someone know something we don’t or are they just wishing us comradely good luck or is it a warning to the audience?

I’m not sure this was meant for the Smithees but I’ll take it. Presidential support!

We had an audience, 205 of you for our voting max (182 was the voting min, our new high low) and 261 of you all together. Thank you for coming…sorry about the clips. We have some particularly painful ones this year.

Told ya.

We also had food, of course. Badmovie as his Iron Chef Smithee alter ego (or perhaps he was Earling…I’ll have to ask) took the camera for a spin and got this shot. It’s a little vertiginous but I’m not sure if that’s the angle or the food itself.

This year, along with Gorp, I made some Aztec brownies which went over well. Badmovie made his usual bacon bars and tried an experimental butterscotch bacon bar batch which…didn’t suck but didn’t shine either. Of course people brought food including bacon donuts and two boxes of leftover meeting danishes. Occasionally the food isn’t bad people!

This picture is for StalkerPatti.

Of course we had giveaways. Winner one Huzzah!

Winner 2 who we totally don’t know at all even though he may help us count at Origins. COMPLETE STRANGER!

Husker Dru won the shark puppy drawing but wasn’t present to claim the prize. We even sang the Jeopardy song through twice. Poor Husker Dru…that’s the most awesomest name ever.

Winner 3 and a shark puppy!

LunarGeography amuses me. I scooted out and about the auditorium to find she had stuck up some lames. To be fair, the sign says nothing about posting lames now does it?

After intermission and giveaways was more show.

Scott H. Helped collect ballots. He’s so fast I couldn’t get him on camera! Nevermind that I was supposed to be collecting at the time.

Soul shot. Farewell souls of our gentle audience members.

Winner 4 has enthusiasms!

Winner 5 and his movie.

Winner 6 looks nervous about her buttons.

Winner 7 RARH and the end of the night.

Traditional BOOZ and FOOD at Pizza House. At the far end of the table is LunarGeography’s parents which makes it a full collectible set. My mumses adn Mr. Paul have some, The Qs came, Badmovie’s parents came and now the elder Geographies. WOOO!

Shark Puppy would like some breadstix please.

We rounded out the night with bartender roulette. Apparently this is his favorite drink. Apparently the Bartender also likes drinking vodker and scope. Glahhhhrgle.

2010: I should have been tipped off by the color.

2009: I mean bright green? What ever come to good by being bright green?

2008: LG and I managed to complete the last two Norberts needed for the A2 show though.

2007: Which I did, only to see a big old fat earthworm fling himself from the pot and make a bid for freedom. FazzzzING – scootcha-scootcha-scootcha.

2006: That drink makes Mountain Dew look normal.

2005: Ahhhhh, boxes. Finally out of my living room! Hmmm, come to think on it, I guess since I still own the condo they are actually in my living room again.

2004: So I decided to fill today’s space up with my own brand of boo madness called SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER.

2003: He’s a good person and I love him even when he is being a butt. Besides, I have a kick ass BoxJam T now.

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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    It must be said: I use that table every so often, once in awhile…it’s kind of like a periodic table.

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