It Took Me Years to Write, Will You Take a Look?

Still dorky with the lyric titles! Anyhow, thought I’d get y’all up to date, at least through Friday. TheMan and I had a pretty low key but nice anniversary celebration Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday we had a gamer’s night in (and I got FLOWERS!). Thursday we went to Paesano’s, of course, and had too much wonderful food and the cappuccino caddy of doom. We also picked up the new George R. R. Martin book and discovered that they were handing out tickets to get the book signed. So much for our relaxing Friday off!

Yeah, believe it or not we were up and out of the house just slightly later than we would have been if we were going to work that day. But! We weren’t going to work and after picking up a ticket that got us into the first batch of people to get their books signed (for Border’s opened at 9am and we got there about 9:15) we chilled in the little cafe there. Man, I can’t believe we were up at oh-dark-hundred on a vacation day! Anyhow, we did a little retail therapy and zoomed home to play WoW.

Of course we did.

Then it was back into town for dinner and to hear George R. R. Martin speak and get our books signed. He’s pretty funny and explained why this new book took so long to get out. It seems that he wrote about half of it in “Five years later” mode for about a year/year and a half before he realized it wasn’t going to work. Man, that has got to suck! He had quite a lot of pages written too and had to scrap them and start over (although I’m sure he kept ideas and whatnot so it wasn’t a total loss but still! Over a year of time and a good chunk o’ book!). So he started out writing the new story right after the last book and then he realized the new book was going to be a monster (he was at 1600 pages and the story was still not done) so he sat down with his editor and discussed options.

This is what’s cool about the dude, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice the story to fit it into a nicely packaged book size, nor was he willing to just chop it in half and do a book 1, book 2 thing because the story didn’t break well. Instead, he divided it by region so this book is all about one part of the word and the next book will be the other part of the world. I guess it’s not as elegant as a 2000 page all inclusive story but at least the pages wont start falling out of a book too big. Plus, he’s already got most of the next book written! Huzzah! He also said that he believes all stories should have an end and he hopes to finish with 7 books in the series total. Hmmm! Wonder who he might be referring to (*cough*robertjordan*cough*).

It was standing room only by 6:00 (he was scheduled to speak at 7:00) so we wound up standing for the hour before he came on and the hour he was talking and the half hour in line. OW MY FEET! I have no idea why I didn’t sit for the beginning wait like one of our group did but I didn’t and my poor foots ached for a good time afterwards. I guess my poor smooth brain got me to the signing so I shouldn’t tax it too much. Poor overworked plork.

OH! We had an Adam sighting too. Whoot!

Afterwards, we went home and…WoW! Of course we did!

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