Today is a Good Day to Dye

Seemed like a good day to stick some eggs in color so I did.

TheMan wanted do do a comic with dyed eggs so we picked up some blanks and dye and had at it. I had an AWESOME idea which was so AWESOME I’m surprised the world did not explode with its AWESOMENESS and that was to stick an egg in dye overnight. You know how that one egg you leave in the dye for the whole time (and don’t tell me you don’t do that because I all know you do) just to see how dark you can get it? I one upped that and made up 2 dye colors the night before and stuck the eggs in a whole day before we planned the dying. I was envisioning indigo so dark that it solved the dark matter dilemma but the next day I got something completely different. My egg, which I plopped in the dye and then stuck in the fridge so it wouldn’t rot since I was dying it for many lots of hours, fizzed. Or maybe the dye fizzed but anyhow, you know when you put things in water and little bubbles collect along the side of the thing? That’s what happened to my eggs. It made for a really interesting pattern but not the deep dark color I was hoping for. Hrrm!

We also had a couple of paper towels handy because of course we did a couple multi-colored dips (with wax and everything which I know you all do too because it’s way cool). The towel got a little soggy but pretty.

Two 24 hour eggs in the back, two normally dyed eggs in the front.

Nightmare Easter Bunny waits for his payload. Muahahahaha!

2010: I’m used to the brick of a projector all THIS! IS! MY! SPACE! With the itty bitty fella people got all friendly and neighborly with it. I wonder if anyone fed it any snacks?

2009: Buttering your hands and pressing the treat glop down works just as well. You will want to moosh in short quick jabs though because the goo is warm. Very warm.

2008: Satan’s Easter Bunny ate your update

2007: Too many eggs! Can’t update! Send help.

2006: Sticky popcorn is a whole lot like rice crispy treats, save sub in popcorn and add a packet of Jell-o.

2005: My mommy brought food! Awww, she (and Mr. Paul) are Smithee regulars. *sniff*

2004: JSFR: Watering Kissmint!

2003: I just lugged in, well OK I carried in because the whole package is about three inches square, a mini tea garden.

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