We’re So Wonderfully Wonderfully Wonderfully Wonderfully Pretty!

Still a dork with the song lyrics! One of these days I’ll just hit a wall and think to myself “fuckit, NO MORE SONGS” but not yet, poor readers, not yet. I am still way too amused.

This should be an all cat entry but it’s not. I just wanted to share the other thing that amused me greatly this weekend: Stuff on my cat. Of course, it may take two tasty tasty rum and cokes to notice that the red Coke bottle cap, when applied to a cat, looks like a tiny fez. HEE! And she stayed put for ten or so minutes while I took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures because cat humiliation is in my cat mom contract.

So why the two rum and cokes? Well other than the fact that a rum and coke is a beautiful thing therefore two should be pure ecstasy. Two rum and cokes because we watched the least swashbuckling pirate movie ever in the history of pirate movies. Nay, in the history of pirate stories. We watched “Iguana”, which was about this mangle-faced harpooner guy who jumps ship and makes the island he lands on his sovereign territory. Then he goes and collects other ship wrecked people as his slave subjects. There was also a whole part about this Spanish chick who wasn’t a Spanish chick except they all spoke Spanish with subtitles and I have no idea what that part of the movie was about. Except the Spanish speaking chick wasn’t Spanish. That was important somehow, but damned if they told us why. In fact, damned if they told us anything. This could have been a great pirate movie (and to tell the truth, we don’t get too many Smithee pirate movies) or a great monster movie or a great revenge movie or even a great combination of parts or all three but no. Instead, it was a confused mess of incoherence with characters who dropped in and out and whatever. My lord that was a two drink movie if there ever was a two drink movie.

We also watched another movie that was more Smitheeesque, happily. It was not about pirates, sadly, but it was about teens and kidnapping and brain transplants and monsters. Cool. The main character, although a bit of a dick, was really rather smart as far as horror movie main characters go. That was pretty refreshing. There were also several scenes of good Smithee badness so hoorah!

And there was rum and there was coke!

This weekend we also played some WoW (of course!) on the horde side but we didn’t get much done since Mark-Matt and I recreated our characters. I just can’t get into the shaman and he plays a rogue on the alliance side so we switched out our horde characters for something a little different. He’s now got a cow shaman (and thinks it’s the best thing since sliced toast. Have at it, man…I’m done with shamen) and I have an orc hunter. My orc is one bad ass orc too. Wrock. Most of Saturday was spent leveling so we didn’t meet up at all. Ahh well, it was fun anyway.

After that, I practiced a little domestication in the form of dishes and cooking. Did you know you can make cookies from cake mixes? It’s true! They had a recipe right on the box (Hiller’s was having a buck a box cake mix special) and you really don’t have to do much tweaking to go from cake to cookies. How weird! And if you can make cookies form chocolate fudge cake, it stands to reason that you can make cookies from other cakes as well. I am very curious to see what an angel food cake cookie, or a carrot cake cookie or even red velvet cake cookies tastes like. Mmmm, red velvet cake cookies!

Yeah, it’s the little things in life.

I also cranked out another JSFR, which will tide me over until December 3rd or so. December 3rd?!? ACK! I need more JSF! Quickly!!!!

Well, it’s worth a try. Actually, I have one more to write up (mmmm, cuttlefish flavored snacks!) and three more lined up to test. TheMan also has some guest reviewing he has volunteered to do so I suppose I’m set for the rest of this year. No wait! I mean, I’m low on snack food! Desperately low! My Favorite Asian Grocery Store trip needing low! Really! I am!

Can I use more exclamation points in one sentence? Probably but not today.

I leave you with Little Kitty. She’s got her angry eyes on!

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