All The Leaves Are Brown And The Sky Is Gray

Today is an excellent day for songs to listen to and wallow in self pity by. Not because I’m all “oh boo hoo hoo my life sucks” but because it’s one of those introspective late fall days.

I really like this weather, actually. Sometimes I like the closed, solitary feeling late fall has. Gone are the bright happy leaves, or at least gone from the trees (currently, they are hanging around in sad soggy piles), and the wind has that bite of winter in it. It’s perfect weather to hole up with a blankie and some creative juices, perhaps next to a fire if you have a fireplace, definitely with some hot cocoa. In our house you are most likely to get cats with that too because they’ve gone all winter friendly. That’s OK, warm comfy kitty is a nice feeling, even if they are only hanging around for the body heat.

I’m not sure exactly what I would do creatively, since the thought of a blankie, hot cocoa and furry kitties is sort of putting me to sleep, but I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING CREATIVE or at least SOMETHING IMPORTANT or whatever. I’m also feeling quasi antisocialesque and sort of morose, like I should be all “Leave me alone, the artiste needs room to think. She is in a very important creative space and shall commence to write soul bearing angsty poetry or prose or maybe do some craftsy project while thinking deep meaningful thoughts.” Then of course I’d feel the need to flounce all self importantly and dramatically in a corner somewhere and commence to do something but that seems like a lot of effort and is also very not me. This feeling of needing to be creative antisocially is also warring with the need to have a knock down, drag out nap. Really, deep soul searching thoughts are one thing but a fire, a warm blankie and some hot cocoa puts me more in the mind of snoozing. We don’t have a fireplace, but I put the flannel sheets on the bed last night gearing up for winter and oh! They are so cozy, all warm and soft and cocoon like. Mmmmm, cozy.

Zzzsnrk Whu-? Oh. Sorry that. Went to my snoozy place. How does the weather do that? One minute I’m all up with the creative and the next I’m face down burrowed into my flannel sheets. All this week I’ve started the day out whole hog fired up about this and that and rah rah let’s get em! Let’s go! Go! Go! Go. go. g-what time is it? 3? Man, I need a nap. Zzzzzzzzz. So, by the time the end of the work day rolls around I’m ready to crawl into my cozy flannel bed (Mmmmmm!) and have me a bit of a lie down. I think I’m part bear.

So! Weather. It’s doing its weather best to let us know winter’s about here. There’s no snow yet (except for the UP but we all saw that coming) but the wind has that cold bite to it which is all “Hey! Winter’s around the corner folks!” The rain, which has been dinking around off and on for a week or two, also has that chilly unpleasant late fall rain thing going. Well, except for last night when it had the chilly unpleasant mixed with feisty anger but mostly late fall rain isn’t the cool storms of summer or the welcome storms of spring. It’s pretty much saying “I could be snow, just think of that while I splash all frigid on your person” and that’s a melancholy rain indeed. Poor rain, can’t even be snow.

I guess the weather is making me moody and sort of grumpy and I feel like I should do something with this moody and grumpy but I haven’t yet figured out what. I think it’s also responsible for one of the most boring entries yet to date here at the booniverse. Eh, well at least I wrote, right? Right?

Yeah, OK, I’m signing off ‘cuz I’m putting myself to sleep writing this.

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