General Summation

Here’s a thing from the side of a building.

The BadGardens were out of town this week/weekend so we volunteered for cat duty. I do not mind cat duty at all because we then ask the BadGardens on occasion to look after our weirdoes so it all evens out. The BadGarden’s cats are a little more effort to take care of, however, since two of the three of them get medication and two out of three of them don’t particularly like to take medication. The third one, however, is happy to eat anything that might be coated in tasty treat and on the floor.

TheMan and I have been taking turns zipping over to do the cat thing and so far, I only got the two medicated cats to take their pills nicely once on Thursday. The rest of my cat sitting has been spent chasing cats around either trying to shove pills down their cat gullet or trying to keep them from snarfing pills down their cat gullet…depending on the cat. TheMan, on the other hand, accomplished in 15 minutes what has been taking me an hour to do because all the cats like him and behave like perfect lady and gentlecats when he is around.

I hets him.

I shall also blame the BadGarden cats on not having any Penguicon Smithee prep done even though the two are not related at all. It is probably more the fact that I am a lazy get than the fact that the cats took me an extra 45 minutes to look after but I’ve never let logic get in the way of a good blamestorming. I suppose I am going to have to be double preppy this week considering the con is this coming weekend. Weeee!

Speaking of cats, the kittens are a messy, sloppy lot. They belong to the school of “Happily fling my food everywhere!” eating an do so with a healthy lust for food flinging. I have no idea why one needs to shake the life out of mushy bits but they both do, and they both fling mushy food bits everywhere. Now that it is getting warmer out, the ants have discovered the kittens Friskysplosion habits and are thrilled to bits. It doesn’t seem to matter how often I wipe up after those two little pigs, I either miss some of the bits or they find more from some extra-dimensional place to fling. ARGH!

At least I got laundry done so that’s something yeah? I’ll take it!

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