Everybody Loves The Chocolate

Heh. I don’t think you can google this and get the song (in fact, I just did and nada) but if you go to Weebls stuff and Click Choccy you too can love the chocolate. Why? Because it’s been stuck in my head all day long and why should I suffer alone?

Hmmmm. I think today is a Friday SAST! I just don’t have the plork power to write a dazzling and coherent entry but I have some things to say. First off, last night TheMan and I spent a geeky night looking at the server stats and seeing who all is looking at what. We noticed a lot of hits from Europe browsing the booniverse so to all y’all across the pond, Hello! ‘Course y’all seem mostly to be browsing the Japanese Snack Food Review so this could be falling on deaf eyes (heh!) but welcome anyway.

Next, to all you LiveJournal, blog spot and my space BANDWIDTH THIEVES I hope small itchy mites infest all your shorts. We don’t mind you taking the pics if you 1. Don’t make us host them for you and your three thousand friends. Every time one of them hits your page, they hit our server and we’re not in the business of hosting your crap.

Even though it was our crap to start out with but that’s NOT THE POINT! Be polite, save the pic to your hard drive and then upload it onto your own server, MmmKay? K!


(and very important. Hence my setting it apart like this)

GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. If I see Little Kitty wearing a coke cap as a fez attached to a blurbit that says “Look at the funny pic I took” it’d better be something I did. Conceivably, you too could have a blue cream 10 year old British Short hair sitting on a futon with a khaki plaid blanket seat cover and conceivably you could have been having rum and cokes and balanced the cap on your cat. Also conceivably you could have rummaged around to find your camera and taken a few dozen pics because your cat is that stupid patient to let you do so but in reality it’s my pic of my cat and my amazing (and also 1337) cap/cat balancing 5k1llz and I want my credit due. If not, I will wish lots of shorts infesting itchy mites on you as well, plus I’ll thrown in crab lice. Don’t tempt me! That’s my pic, use it is you like it but let the world know *I’m* the one who balances coke caps on my cats’ heads.

Play nice, people.

Speaking of cats and caps, you might have noticed a lack of pictureage on the booniverse these past couple days. Yeah, sorry that. See, all you BANDWIDTH STEALING THIEVES prompted TheMan to do his magic TheMan stuff and come up with clever and innovative ways to make you cut that the fuck out. Sadly, for whatever reason, the booniverse took that to heart and decided that everybody everywhere wasn’t going to be privileged enough to see my fine art (including me in the admin mode. That’s where I noticed the problem) and shut down all the picture beauty. It’s back up as of last night when TheMan performed some powerful intricate computer mojo voodoo magic and convinced the booniverse to let y’all see my pretty pics. Now stop thieving them!

I should do a picto-blog. I’ve been feeling the picto-itch lately (or maybe that’s the mites. Hey, they have to originate from somewhere)

Other news! Geocaching! Haven’t been. We still can’t find the AWOL little doohicky satellite finder whatsit (can not remember what that thing is called. That’s probably why it ran away from home too, poor critter lives in a place where its owners can’t remember what to call it. OK, one of its owners anyway. Is there a local shelter for runaway thing-it doohickies?), which is an intrinsic part of caching. TheMan tore apart and cleaned the computer area a couple days ago and nothing. We’ve looked (but not cleaned yet) all around the couch and nothing. We’ve looked high and low. Nothing. Wah! I don’t want to have to scrub the house top to bottom only to discover we lost it for good. I don’t want to spend the $$ and I don’t want to have to clean that much. Ug!

Tonight we are going to the Harry Potter movie after hitting Applebees for dinner (and margaritas!). Whoot! OK, gotta go and gear up for ‘ritas and Hogwarts.

Last year at the booniverse: You bandwidth thieves probably stole this entry too. Have to ruin it for everybody, doncha?

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