Circles And Arrows And A Paragraph On The Back Of Each One

…Heh! I told you I was taking my cue from the classic rock stations. If they can play this song five times and hour (can it fit into an hour five times? I’m not sure) I can use it five six seven times a week! Well maybe not that many since I’m certainly not naming my JSFR Officer Obie or Dog Smelling Prints.

Speaking of classic rock, I was listening to an oldies station (WOMC, Detroit’s Oldies Station!) and they cued up something or other from OMD. OMD?!? OMD?!??! Wait a minute here, OMD wasn’t even on the charts until the late ’70s or so and Pretty In Pink (they did “If You Leave” for that flick) didn’t come out until 1986, THAT IS NOT AN OLDIE!!! Let’s not be arbitrarily redefining oldies as songs I know from my childhood! That’s classic rock, or 80s, thankyouverymuch, not oldies. Oldies are the songs my mumses listened to in her youth! Heh.

Actually, all you radio stations really ought to give that some thought, ‘cuz if the songs of my youth are now “oldies” then the songs of my muses’s youth will have to be renamed “ancients”. She’s not going to be too pleased with that. I’m just sayin.

I don’t have too much for you today in the way of written pearls of wisdom so I’ll just sort of go with what’s floating about in my plork, namely the two big holidays fast and faster approaching. Since TGiving is the faster approaching holiday, I’ll let you in on the Q plans. Hey! I might can do better and do a TGiving pictoblog! Hmmm, I’ve been meaning to do a pictoblog for a while and why not? It saves me from writing and you from reading but provides an update in the form of pictures! It’s a win/win sitch for everybody! OK, it’s a deal…pictoblog TGiving.

Now I’m going to have to remember to bring the camera.

We’re not doing a really big todo, just driving up to the mumses house for potluck eats. DQ, TheMan and I will be ferrying the dessert and the stuffing, Mr. Paul’s folks have the relish under control and mumses and Mr. Paul will provide bird and veggies. Oh wait, I think I also volunteered for horsed overs. Mmmm, deviled eggs. OK, note to self: Boil Eggs Tonight. Love, me.


Anyway, we’ll probably just hang around and do a whole bunch of nothing, which is the proper thing to do on TGiving after demolishing all the fantastic foods. I’m looking very much forward to it. Yum.

Fast approaching is Christmas and I really need to wrangle my presents. I have a Copysource box full of various prezzies and no idea what I’ve already gotten for whom. Gah! Do I still need stuffs for Sis or is she taken care of? Who have I missed? Stocking stuffers? GAH! Maybe this weekend I’ll spend some quality time with the box and see who all I have what for. That’s the trouble with getting gifts so early in the year (I started sometime in June or maybe earlier), I can’t remember who I’ve already gotten for, what I’ve gotten them or where I might have stashed the prezzies. I *think* I’ve collected everything from my ten bazillion hidey places but then again, I could have completely forgotten stuffing X thing in my sock drawer. Eh, if worse comes to worse, I have prezzies for next year too! Whoot!

The other Christmas thing that has been on my mind is decorating. I have been having the ITCH to put lights and wreathes and Christmas paraphernalia all about the house but I’m a firm believer in giving every holiday its due. I’m not starting in on Christmas until Friday (or late Thursday night. Maybe). Dammit all, let Thanksgiving have its day before y’all go all yuletide on its ass.

Well, except for Christmas shopping, which I’m going to be partaking in Wednesday because I HAVE A HALF DAY OF WORK!!!!!

Yeah, I know. Hypocrite.

I don’t remember getting anyone a Little Kitty for Christmas!!

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