There Was A Third Possibility That We Hadn’t Even Counted Upon

Shhhh…I know this is post dated but I really, really almost actually wrote it Wednesday. Honest! And also, having some hindsight, I think this just might be the pictoblog because someone forgot the camera (yeah, hi) on Thanksgiving. Not to worry, we have pics, they are just on Mr. Paul’s camera.

First off…HALF DAY OF WORK! This is me doing the half day of work happy-dance. *dancedancedance* Whooo! OK, got that out of my system. No wait, there’s more.


Oi! Thanksgiving vacation! Four whole (and one half cuz I took it off. YEAH!) days of NOTHING and better yet, four whole (and a HALF!) days of not being at work. Work is the suXXX0r lately. Not that anything terrible is going on, but it’s work…you know?

My plans for today were to go retail therapy-ing in the guise of Christmas shopping (whee!) but Mother Nature had some plans of her own.

Evidentially she had a Christmas thing going to and who am I to argue with Mother Nature when she’s got a thing? Besides, I figured I could get a start on food prep and be all grown up like and wait for the next pay check before I went wildly spending for all my X-mas peeps. And maybe take a nap. Heh.

So I went home instead (via Hillers because someone forgot to buy turkey sausage for the stuffing. Yeah, hi) and got all artsay like with the camera.

Just a little incongruity. We really ought to take the pumpkin lights down me thinks and put Christmas lights up later (after Tgiving). At least the snow and colored happy lights would look more at home with each other.

I am the dork! And also more snow on cars. Snow snow snow!

I had a lot of fun zooming around taking pictures all artiste like but sadly, I am not the artiste so most of them came out like utter crap. Craptastic if you will. I did however snap two which I kinda liked.

Of the two shots that turned out Ok-ish, I like this one quite a bit. The whole multi-plane thing it’s got going with the busy and the fuzz and the clear and all really sort of tickles my fancy.

This one, on the other hand is nice and simple (and fuzzy). I only wish the red berry things were in focus. Lots of color or simplicity? Hmmm.

Anyway, after my failed attempt to become the next Ansel Adams I did a tad of Tgiving foodage prep, took a nap and drove back to collect TheMan. Lemmie just say that the first snow really brings out the ASS in drivers. Crimony! We got home alright and in one piece but all y’all crazy ass drivers didn’t help much. Slow down damnit!

Little Kitty agrees that you should all slow down and while you are doing that, give her your food.

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