A Thanksgiving Dinner That Couldn’t Be Beat

Happy Thanksgiving to youuuuuuuuuu!
Happy Thanksgiving toooooo youuuuuuuuuu!
Happy Thanksgiiiiiiiiiiiiving with snooooo-ooow!
Happy Thanksgiving To! Youuuuuuuuuu!

This is a 5:00am shot of Mother Nature’s Christmas Thing. Awwww, M.N., you really outdid yourself today! Since it continued to snow throughout the night and I had to make a run to the littlest room (the bathroom for those of you not in the know) in the wee (hee!) hours I thought I’d take a peek outside to see what damage had been wrought. Not too much, really, and it looked all nice and peaceful, so I snapped a pic. I’m using the back of the couch as a makeshift tripod as the only light is coming from our neighbors’ porch lights and the streetlamp down the way. Hi neighbors!

I did get up early though (earlier than I like to get up on days when I don’t go to work) because I did not get all the prep work I had wanted to get done the night before. Our excuse is either Warcraft or basic laziness, take your pick. Truly, I can not remember but I wind up doing this every year so I guess it’s a tradition right? Right! Anyway, here we have the stuffing prep…

And the stuffing recipe which is shit-ass blurry. The camera hates me (haaaate!) and I can not take a good pic to save my soul. Maybe I’ll retake it later on but for now here is the recipe in all its blurriness. Huzzah. Whatever. My first step was to make cornbread and lo! I finally ran out of cornmeal baking this puppy up. Sometime back in the day I had three and a half cans of cornmeal to my name for reasons I’ve never fully understood. It probably started with misplacing a newly opened can and then buying more, but as to the other cans? No idea. Maybe they heard I was running a home for orphaned cans of cornmeal? Who knows but I am cornmeallos as of the TGiving stuffing prep. Huzzah!

This recipe makes a metric ton of stuffing too. I have these giant ass stainless steel bowls which are the bomb for things you need giant ass bowls for (ice for parties, chips, Halloween goodies…) and will probably fit an entire melted down medicine ball (never tried that one) but not the stuffing. Technically, the stuffing will fit…as in there is no stuffing meniscus but mixing it becomes a challenge. I suppose I could divide it up into two bowls but I’m lazy and what’s a few (many) bits of stuffing gone overboard in comparison with my basic unwillingness to wash more dishes than I have to?

Here’s the final (fuzzy. Damn camera) product. Every year, two casserole dishes of stuffing (minus the stuff that goes AWOL). Mmmmm, good thing it’s tasty.

Deviled eggs! Or rather eggs waiting to be deviled. I love deviled eggs and The Joy of Cooking (which is still on my shit list for the squash fiasco) has the BEST recipe ever for deviled eggs. These were going to be horsed overs along with a loaded veggy tray (since we never eat on time at my mumses house) to tide us over, however we got a phone call just as we were leaving the door from my mumses telling us the turkey was done. Done?!? Done! Not much use for deviled eggs and veggies to tide us over when the food’s already on the table. Ahh well, best laid plans and all.

Sadly, someone (yeah, hi) forgot the camera so this is the end of the TGiving picto-blog until I can get the pics from Mr. Paul that we took with his camera. When I do, you’ll be able to marvel at the beautiful brined bird they did up (first year they tried that method. Mr. Paul said it was a giant pain in the keester to brine it, but I think it was a marvelously juicy and tasty bird. I might try something like that up north this Christmas! Then I too can maybe side with Mr. Paul about the prep work maybe not being worth the payoff) which was tres tasty. But not a “all the other birds they have ever done really sucked” kind of tres tasty, more of a “this single time in turkey cooking history not to be compared to any other time of turkey cooking history on the face of the planet” kind of tres tasty. Just wanted to clear that up.

You might also get to see the incredible table my mumses set. My mumses, she makes the lady Martha cry. Mumses truly had her 1337 tab13 53771ng 5k1llz going on with the colors and the coordination and the wicked centerpiece (yo) she made all by herself. Take that you people who need to take that! Ha! Sadly, you will just have to imagine the pretty until I get the pic.

I can’t remember what else we snapped, but it was all picto-glorious. The food was very good and we all ate way too much of it. Way too much. There was coffee with desserts, natch, and then we sat around and wished we hadn’t eaten quite so much. We also did a whole lot of nothing and it was just right.

As a side note, Mr. Paul wants you all to know that we did NOT have a pot luck Thanksgiving because every one was assigned a dish. Apparently, I insulted the very spirit of Thanksgiving by even mentioning the words “pot” and “luck” in the same month as the holiday. For that, I am truly and deeply sorry and shall commence my penance of eating mashed taters and stuffing. Mmmmm, taters.

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