Sally has a New Friend!

Everyone, meet Snickers. Snickers is Mumses and Mr. Paul’s new puppy and buddy to Sally. Hi Snickers!

I am pretty excited about the new puppy because I think only animals get kinda lonely. I’ve noticed this with Isaak when he was wee (B.V. or before Vande) and then later with Vande when Isaak died. The kittens don’t like to be separated from each other even though they don’t necessarily hang with each other all the time. They could though, if they wanted to unless you shut one in a room away from the other. Then they can’t and they get all upset. So I am pleased that Sally has a buddy with which to go doggy roaming with. If she wants.

Snickers is an explorer. I do not have a lot of clean shots of her because she is On! The! Move! She also has a ginormous head for the size of her body so maybe she’s just trying to keep up with it.

“You has something for me behind your back?”

Snickers is also the mellowest puppy I’ve ever seen. She may be going places but she is really Zen about the whole trip. Welcome to the family Snickers!

2010: I read some more and got caught up to where I should be if I want to get the book done on time before it goes back and pretty much enjoyed being outside.

2009: Maybe if I were more current with my posting I’s have more to link in down here.

2008: OK see, this was a five minute deelie that I whipped off the top of my head because people were all “WHOO! BURMA-SHAVE POSTERS! Awesome!” but were not forthcoming with the actual poems. Which makes making the posters really hard if you want to have them say anything (really easy if you don’t) so I went to the Burma-shave site, got a feel for the billboards and doggereled up this poem.

2007: I hate back linking…if I wrote every day it would be much easier. Heh…riiiight.

2006: JSFR: Mikawaya Mochi (strawberry)

2005: Doesn’t everybody have a shelf or two of books queued up to read?

2004: It does sort of imply the whole “in your church” which in turn implies that there is an “out of your church” as well so while it backs your freedom of religious expression, it also says (in black and white) that “[c]ongress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion”.

2003: I, in my usual spelling mode, typed in Belmont Steaks to find the date of the race rather than Belmont Stakes and do you know what popped up? A restaurant! Is that where the 13th-15th place horses go?

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