Darkness Creeps In Like A Thief

Blimey! It rained all day Saturday and well into Sunday and now there is no more snow! It’s even 50 degrees out there today. Thursday morning (when I woke up at 5am) it was 9. 9 degrees! That’s just not right.

So! Weekend! I cry for my lost vacation and it is only Monday. Le sob. Actually, in our case it may have been le slob cuz we did a whole lotta nuttin and it was bliss. We did shower every day so I’m not sure we are full card carrying members of the slovenly, but there were a couple of days in there when the water of cleansing was running at 7pm or later.

We got home Thursday and took a sleep induced nap. We might have played some Warcraft, but I can’t remember. I think we spent the rest of thanksgiving bemoaning the stuffing of our gullets and trying to sleep off our digestive distress. Yeah, we live the wild life. Hmmm, I think we might have also done some dishes in there too, seeings as the dishwasher had been loaded and ready to run for quite a while. Does that mean our membership to the lazy-ass society is revoked or do we get stars for not having run the dishwasher before this even though it was full to the gills and only needing a shove over to the sink, a hook up and some juice? Hard to say.

Friday there was much Warcrafting, this I remember. I think. Does it really matter? We played a hella amount of Warcraft over vacation and it was all good and it was all fun and I have a permanent case of chair ass. I also learned that slippers are a must to have when the outside drops to single digit degrees and takes the inside down an unexpected ten to fifteen degrees with it. Did I say my slippers came in? I must have, they did last week but as usual I’m lazy and don’t feel like looking it up. They’re here, I love them, they are dark green and toasty. Sadly, I forgot that my robe is a deep burgundy color so I’m looking rather like father Christmas here (or Mother, actually but no one ever talks about Mother Christmas since the coal incident) but my feets are toasty (when I’m wearing them). Toasty feets make for a happy husband.

I also braved the crazies and went SHOPPING! but not retail. I am much more sane than that. Or maybe I’m much less tolerant than that…not sure. Anyway, I hit the grocery stores looking for sweet deals on cranberries for cranberry wine and found NOTHING! Bah! They were 2 for $3, like they were before Thanksgiving and come on people! Who wants cranberries (besides us) after Thanksgiving? Mark them down already because I’m not going to pay before Thanksgiving prices after Thanksgiving. Heloo-ooo! I did score a sweet deal on turkey (which we will not be making into wine) because obviously nobody ever has turkey ever again until the next year but you never know when people might want to make some Pearl Harbor Day cranberry relish. BAH!

Saturday Rob came over to have bird soup (goose stock with chunked turkey and some chicken stock added later after someone put too many star noodles into the pot. Yeah, hi) and hang. We watched a couple of movies (Shawshank Redemption and Four Rooms) and then played a couple of random games. We couldn’t decide on what so one person was designated game finder and whatever they brought downstairs we played a round or hand or whatever. Yahtzee was the first winner (I the suXXX0r at Yahtzee yo) and then TheMan brought down Deadwood. We played the original and then the expansion set, which we’ve never cracked open before. Fun. I have to do something about the Deadwood lot though because the cards were shifting everywhere which made it hard to read.

Sunday we played even more Warcraft, but that’s a given. I also made some fancy schmancy mochas complete with whipped cream and a blister! I was the only one who got the blister surprise and it wasn’t in the cocoa (yay!) but because we do not have a hand mixer I whipped the cream with a whisk, a bowl and sheer raw elbow grease. Did you know it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to whip cream by hand into something nice and thick and perfect for topping mochas? They turned out really tasty with their hand whipped cream hats so I wear my oozy badge of courage proudly. That did not, however, deter me from putting “hand mixer” on the Q side Christmas list. Of course, I can always make whipped cream in bulk and thereby have the perfect excuse for pulling out the Kitchen-aid. Oooo! Good thought that.

Lastly, we discovered on the way over to DQ’s for dinner and Stargate, that the bug is having electrical issues which we hope are purely battery related. We got the click of no juice when we piled in to zoom on over but after a bit of puzzling and car Tetris we got the bug jumped and running again. It needed a jump for the return trip, which supported the dead battery theory, so we wisely shifted things around so the truck was pointed battery end at the bug. It made for a much easier jump start this morning and TheMan took it in to be ogled at.

Wow, we did a whole lot of not much, didn’t we? Bliss.

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