Jelly Bean Cookies

I have no idea what prompted me to make jelly bean cookies but I know I eventually landed at this site and the idea took hold.

I’d write y’all out a recipe but this is basically chocolate chip cookie dough subbing in jelly beans for the chocolate chips. I think I cracked open Betty and used that recipe but Joy has cookie recipes and Your Webfriend Google can drum up all sorts of recipes. I suppose you could even get a package of sugar cookie dough mix, make that up and stick jelly beans in. I’ll have to try that.

1. My base cookie dough was a little salty which I never realized before. It complemented the sweet beans quite nicely though so it wasn’t a problem. As I said, I might try a sugar cookie recipe with jelly beans see how that tastes (or a different chocolate chip base dough recipe)

2. I would suggest rolling out the cookies and then sticking the beans on top. The jelly beans that were touching the pan boiled and burbled and made an all around mess. The beans on top stayed pretty much bean shaped and gooey. Or gummy. They did not turn into jelly bean jerky like the ones that fried on the pan.

3. These cookies were really tasty if weird. The gummy fruity was strange but not bad and the salty and sweet worked well. I just might make them again next year (but probably not how my Warcraft friend suggested: Each bean flavor to go on a flavored cookie dough.

4. How fun would it be to make the Nieman Marcus cookie recipe with Jelly Belly beans? That makes me giggle.

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2006: Come hell or high water (which at this point is starting to be a palpable thing), there was going to be cake.

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2003: And tasty.

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