After Rapture Weekend

Speaking of miracles, all of me and mine did not fly up unto the sky to meet our heavenly father (with or without our clothes, sources are divided on that particular detail of rapturement) and from what I can gather, neither did anyone else so I suppose The Rapture was a bust. Maths, they are so hard when you’re dealing with exact dates of days which none shall know. It’s like the unified field theory but goddier.

Or maybe it did happen and nobody made the cut. Wouldn’t THAT be humorous?

Anyway, we started out our Rapture Weekend with a private showing of the Smithee Show. Even in a small setting it takes forever to get through all those clips. Especially the Bloody Wednesday overkill. I loathe that clip with the loathing of a thousand mosquito bites which will not quit itching but I can’t say that it isn’t an excellent clip for its category because it is. I hate it even more for that. I should build “My best worst Smithees ever” one of these days and populated it with great representative clips that I can not stand. Conversely there would also be “My Best Smithees Clips” which I ought to do in conjunction so I don’t get all depressed thinking about good clips I hate. Oooo, you know what would be really cool? An Australian Ballot rules ap (app?) which would allow you to vote on all the Smithee awards clips ever to see which ones are really the best.

Long short, we got home Saturday morning and I slept through “Not so hot o’clock” and got no gardening done.

Anyway! We were going over to mumses for a birthday/mother’s day/ after Rapture dinner party gathering so shopping was in order. We collected a recipe with Angel Hair pasta (from Nero Wolfe) and made up the Devil’s Rain dressing, just to hedge our bets. The fish dish turned out delish but filling. We did have room for dessert and coffees. Mumses has most excellent coffee.

We also met the new puppy (see Saturday’s post). I like the new puppy, she is cute. We spent a lot of time puppying, drinking coffee and generally hanging out that it was dark before we got home. No plants got planted on Saturday.

Sunday I was lazy and played Warcraft for quite a while, dithered around doing things and stuff (re: procrastinating going out and planting) until after we got back fro the Brew Pub. Did you know it stays light really late? At 8pm I was suited up and weeding my pepper garden (and putting in peppers). By 9pm I had my cone flowers and roses mostly weeded and the sunflowers in. By 10pm I had lost my shovel in the dark but managed to plant all my daisy looking chrysanthemums. I eventually found the shovel (be feel) and decided that it was probably a sign to pack it up. Besides, I had all the stuff in that I wanted to plant in those gardens so it was a decent stopping point as well.

I was amused that my neighbors serenaded me with Star Wars as I was rooting about in the garden. I wasn’t sure which of the series it was going to be, given they pretty much all start with the fanfare, but pretty soon I was able to follow the movie by the wheedle boops of R2D2, the laser fire and the score…which were the only things I could hear. It was pretty cool.

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