I Have Spoke With The Tongue Of Angels

Yes! The dorkiness continues, but I think it’s winding down. Yesterday I was all “Man, I don’t wanna have to find a song lyric for the blog!” But I couldn’t come up with a title so song it was. Today I just happened to have this on my brain on the ride in so there you have it.

In case you have been wondering, the various artists that have graced my blog titles have been Billy Joel, Sting, Rolling Stones, John Denver (yeah, I know), U2, Pink Floyd, Boy George (shut-up, he makes me laugh), Residents, Primus, Genesis, TMBG, Jesus Jones, Everly Brothers, Matchbox20, Lynard Skynard (hee!), Etta James, Beatles, The Cure (and you didn’t think I was that cool!), The Mamas and the Papas (OK, there went my cool points but I can still enjoy the beegeebus out of that song), Gordon Lightfoot (Right, lemmie ‘splain. See, all that day it was wustery-blustery and grim and if you think about all the disaster songs involving boats – which I was for some reason – 9 out of 10 of them are chipper little things. The tenth being the Edmund Fitzgerald tune. I shit you not! Titanic? Chipper. That Run Come See Jerusalem song? Boppy and chipper. Golden Vanity? Not exactly chipper but it’s a nice pleasant tune and not at all reminiscent of sinking boats. Damn I am the wordy. Where was I? Oh! Right), Weebl, Arlo Guthrie (x4 for the special Thanksgiving week!), Peter Gabriel and an encore U2.

*yawn* And y’all wonder why I don’t usually post on Tuesdays.

So I’ve been thinking, which can in some cases be a frightening thing (re: otters), and I’ve decided that I’m going to have myself a December challenge. Huzzah. I’m going to try to post an entry a day, although I’m not exactly sure if there will be a timely entry a day (hey! Postdating is a time honored booniverse tradition. You don’t mess with tradition!) or even a witty fun exciting entry a day but an entry a day is the goal. Again, huzzah. Be prepared for some pic-tacular entries though because I don’t think I can sustain a prose presence for an entire week. Maybe I’ll institute the Tuesdays in December Picto Collection. We’ll see, but for now every day its own entry!

Heads up for you JSFR junkies: An entry a day will most probably equate to double JSFR weekends. That is assuming I can procure more snacks as I am almost dead out. Truly! I have one and a partial left written and waiting in e-space and 3 more unopened, untried, unscribed snacks waiting on the pantry and that’s it. IT! There are 9 days of potential reviewage and I have at most 5 available snacks. Fortunately, TheMan took a liking to a coffee drink in a can line so I may press him into service as a Guest Reviewer. I might even give him his own spot, maybe something like the Sunday Morning JSF Coffee Review. So there might be good news for you TheMan fans out there too. Heck, it’s the Christmas season…let’s go crazy!

**For you non-Christians, consider this a month of blog prezzies for you because I love giving presents no matter the holiday, although I’d go broke if I wantonly bought everybody everything that I thought they needed so I just save it for the big days. Prezzies for everyone!**

In keeping with the theme of today’s title song, our GPS receiver still remains AWOL. TheMan tore apart the upstairs where the adaptor was found (and did a bang up job of it too, it’s all purty in the desk corner now) and came up empty handed. We then gave the living room a good shaking and also nada. Where could that thing have gotten off to? Is it at work? Is it at the other work? Has it fallen down into a hereto undiscovered crack or hole somewhere in the house? Did the aliens make off with it? Come home, receiver, come home! I’m beginning to wonder if the only way we are ever going to see our receiver again is to buy a new one and thereby prompting one of the Murphyesque laws which states that ‘only after you spend a lot of money will the first object appear like it never was lost’ to take effect. I don’t want to have to rebuy a receiver! Hrrrmmmm.

Onto gaming news (bye mumses!). First off I’m kinda pissed off at Urban Dead right now. I have 2 characters, a zombie and a civilian/police character. The zombie I just kind of tool around and munch on whoever is around which, I guess, sorta ticks off the zombie faction. I, however, believe in an equal opportunity eating program free of discrimination. I’ll take a bite out of anyone who stands still long enough. Grrrrnnh! Besides, we’re ZOMBIES! The humans, on the other hand, are supposed to band together and fight off the zombies because that’s what humans do. Supposedly. Unless you happen to be having a good Samaritan moment and come upon a lone human being beset upon by zombies. And if you happen to kill all the zombies (because you have 1337 zombie killing 5ki11z), toss the bodies, barricade the doors and heal the lone person? You not only get no thanks whatsoever, you get your ass handed to you by some other human jerk player and wind up dead. Undead. Whatever. The point is, who came rallying to my rescue when I was being beat on? NOBODY! So now I have 2 zombie characters and no human characters and what’s the point of that? If I wanted 2 zombies, I’da made up 2 zombies. Hrrmph, that’s the last time I’m nice to anyone in that game. Fuckers.

Secondly, and you knew this was coming, World (world world world) Of (of of of) WARCRAFT! (craft craft craft). We didn’t do too much exciting last night but get the gnommie and Mark-Matt’s mage up to 40. Huzzah! 40 is one of those breaking levels where everybody gets something tasty in spells and skills and the gnommie is finally eligible to start the quest to get the warlock go fast mount. Wheee! Thus, I traveled little gnommie butt over to the town of Ratchet and this NPC warlock fella (Strahad Somethingorother) who I was reasonably sure gave out the quest. He did and I braced myself for the quest from hell, since all other warlock quests have been a mighty pain in the keester and this one was for something really cool. I mean, go fast flaming warlock horse! I clicked on Strahad Somethingorother and his quest text box popped up to read “Ahhh! Good show there Warlock. Go talk to Strahad Somethingorother in the town of Rachet and he will give you the quest!”


Yeah…about that, Strahad Somethingorother, I’M RIGHT HERE! At least it was easy enough to talk to the guy that I was already talking to, so I went and did that. I figured that the first Bob Dolian window was just an intro page to start the quest to end all quests and indeed a second quest window did pop up. It read (roughly) “Great! Here ya go, one horse and some experience. Tootles!” Well, OK then. I’m not sure what the point was at all to even have a quest but hey! Go Fast Horse!

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