OK screw it – I’m going to just backpost as I go along because at this point I have so many posts awaiting posting because I haven’t gotten off my lard-butt and processed pictures FROM MAY!!!

Mind you, it is the end of May but still. CRIMONY! So anyway, I’ll let you know what I’ve backfilled if you want to go take a look. I was going to dedicate myself to getting the booniverse all caught up this weekend but somebody got a cold on Saturday. Actually, I think we both may have caught something because neither of us wanted to go to Oktoberfest at the Brewpub Friday despite lederhosen, Flieger song AND free beer tickets I scored that same day. TheMan and I zoomed by after work and decided, after noticing the 9 million cars parked outside already, that neither of us were in a mood to deal with that much humanity. So we did not.

We did zoom to the BadGardens so I could pick up my peaches (millions of peaches, peaches for ME!) and then we drifted over to Happy’s Pizza for dinner (I know, still wrangling the eating out versus making stuff). We settled in for pizza and Star Gate Universe until TheMan shuffled off to bed with the beginnings of THE SICK. I stayed up until 5am watching SGU (with kitties! All three loafed on the bed with me) and then I was kaputt.

Saturday wasn’t too much of a wash though, despite sleeping in until about noon or 2. I think both actually. What? The kitties wanted to nap and who am I to deny them their wishes? Besides, TinyCat snores when she is zonked out. It’s really cute. Anyway, I thought about shopping but it was another noon game day and I didn’t want to mess with traffic. I was also lazy and didn’t feeeeeeel like shopping. So I embarked on making my peaches into something except…when I looked into the bag (without my glasses mind you) I was surprised to find several of the peaches a dusky plum color. How odd. Then, when I reached in and gooshed through the rotted part, I found out why they were a dusky plum color. Yuck. All my peaches had gone terribly, horribly wrong (millions of peaches, peaches squishy) to the point where the bag was sitting in its own puddle of nasty. Yuck hat 2.

No peaches anything for me. Sad.

TheMan continued with his sick so I went solo to the BadGardens (who also had a bag of sentient peaches) for apple sausage pie dinner and waffle cake dessert. We didn’t get to dessert (on account of dinner being kinda late) but we did get some M&Ms eaten and a couple games of Dominion played. On the way home I found Boots, the neighborhood cat, under our overhang snoozing away. I have no idea why Boots was out past midnight at our house but I gave him a small bowl of cut up chicken to nom. Badmovie has his eye on Boots if Boots becomes an abandoned cat because Boots is very cool. One of these days I’m going to ask the people where Boot’s tag says he lives if he is actually their cat. I expect he is, since Boots looks well kept, but for whatever reason likes to hang at our place.

Sunday was a complete wash on account of my getting the sick. Well, almost a complete wash since I got nothing done but I did get to spend a lot of quality time with snoozy cats. Now I have to go shopping today or eat cardboard. Yum.

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2006: Our foliage now has serious mange for which the only cure is that somebody forcibly removes the loppers from my clenched fists.

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