Oh Hi November!

I am reminded that I try to do NaNoBlogWhatever in November and then for some reason I do the same thing in December (Which I think is National Blog Posting Month or NaNoBlowMe as I have been referring to it). So here I am…HI!

Other than being all home-makery (Pearpplesauce FTW!) I’ve been doing some Warcraftery and a bit of reading but not as much reading as I want to have done. I picked up another Hugo winner (Downbelow Station by Cherryh) which would be super cool awesome if I hadn’t already read the (frikkin) Mars trilogy. Downbelow Station is a keen look at space exploration (done by a corporation and not a government, which I find rather eerily attune with the times despite the copyright date of 1981), distance and politics. It is primarily about space so far away from Earth (on sustainable planets waaaaaay out in the Outer Rim) that the people out there begin to develop their own gestalt…which is NOT Earth gestalt. Earth is not happy about this and tries to force them back in line, with poor results. The Mars books add about three more issues into the mix and are closer in scope but it’s pretty much the same issues.

Downbelow Station isn’t over 1500 pages though. Bonus!

TinyCat is once again up in the hat shelf of the closet and under the dresser (but not at the same time). We turned the heat on this weekend and zoom-under she went to register surf whenever the heat kicked on. Grubby filthy Tiny white cat. Ugh. She also is spending her days up in the closet shelf-presumably away from Tycho who hasn’t yet figured how to jump up (TinyCat uses my good coat as a ladder). She seems to have figured out how to get down off of the shelf but she is really rather whiny about it if you happen to be anywhere she considers close enough to lend her a shoulder. I may have spent a great deal of time telling her that I was not her personal elevator while she spent an equally large chunk of time Meeping insistently at me. (“GET OVER HERE HUMAN AND LET ME CRAWL ON YOU! I WANT DOWN!!”).

I did not get to carving my pumpkin but I did toss it on the porch as decoration. Along with the small hay cube from three years ago and the two dead hanging baskets I’m pretty satisfied with my decorations. It took me all summer to kill the second hanging plant…I planned ahead. I’m also sticking to that story mighty fierce like.

Lastly, I have decided that the internet needs to be slapped soundly upside the head. I am grumpy with people in general and those I don’t know personally but interact with online are more likely to be douchecanoes than not. In fact, I’m hating technology more and more because it seems to be lending itself to a general trend towards asshattery. Damn kids and their 1337 cell phones GET OFF MY LAWN.

2010: Aaaaand we discovered that the other giant vent hole we thought we covered up was apparently just covered up with a bookshelf. A bookshelf with a kitten scooting hole at its feet. Sigh.

2009: JSFR: Royal Family Mochi Choco Ball (Peanut)

2008: JSFR: Maeil Caffe Latte (classic mild)

2007: She actually said “So…when we agreed on 8, was that 8 this time zone?”

2006: Also, apparently, a good number of costumed urchins tripped up on the low wall of wood thingits and took a header in my flower bed to be.

2005: In the end, we decided to count them because they were hard core Trick-or-Treating in the pouring rain and you gotta admire that sort of dedication.

2004: They are like tiny chewable maraca heads, definitely possessing much of the shiny! Shaka-shaka-rattle-CHEW!

2003: JSFR: Yan Yan (chocolate)

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