2011 December Advent Calendar 02

December 2nd advent: Brew Pubbery!

We decided that neither of us wanted to fix dinner tonight so off we went to the brew pub. Specifically, this brewery which is right close to the house. Stumbling close as it were. We could walk there and both drink but we didn’t tonight. Come to think on it, we don’t usually because we’re lazy but we could if we wanted to.

On the table you can see the Smithee mug, my Smithee bag, a “get your food at the bar and bus your own table” placard, an Arbor Brewing Co. coaster and a couple menus. You can also see my Dum Dum pop dregs which…sorry about that. On the other hand, Dum Dum makes a fantastic root beer pop so maybe I’m advertising. Yeah…let’s go with that.

Anyway, we usually hang at the Corner at least 3 times a month…more some times but I can’t think of when we’ve gone there less. Smithee Nite Out happens at the Corner because they have food, games and the strangest bar atmosphere I’ve encountered. It’s not uncommon to find a writers group or a gaming group or a birthday party or whatnot happening at the Corner and they have a whole shelf of games for the playing. I’m tempted to get some cheap games at Origins for the corner for what brewery doesn’t need a copy of Nacho Loco?

I guess maybe lots of breweries now that I think on it so nevermind that last question. The point is that the Corner definitely could benefit from a copy of Nacho Loco. They are kid friendly (more or less) so even the Nefling, who is a year older today, can go. Happy Birthday Nefling, in 17 more years I’ll buy you a beer.

The Brewkegs were stacked by the window with care. I should totally do a Corner “Night Before Christmas”. Hmmm…

2010: Two choices here: Arrange the upstairs or fix the kitchen pantry area?

2009: As you can see, the innards are just as orange as a normal pumpkin but the outerards look kind of diseased and necrotified. Like a zombie pumpkin!

2008: That’s a big boy for three weeks premature!

2007: JSFR: I Mei French Cookie (milk vanilla)

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2005: Day Two of the December challenge and I’m already feeling a little antipostish. That can’t be good!

2004: I might also stomp around a bit and whine “Why meeeeeeee?” an intermittent intervals, totally ignoring the fact that I brought this upon myself. That seems like a fair course of action, good! I have my afternoon planned out.

2003: We kept the house a toasty warm 70ish, give or take but in reality it felt like 70 give about 10 more degrees for the entire night, just so the yeast would have a happy growing temp. The things we do for wine!

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