2011 December Advent Calendar 03

Cats! Can you imagine having an actual Advent calendar and opening up the little drawer to discover a cat?

TinyCat is a little bit uncomfortable being on the bookshelf and is looking for a way down. I put her up there because it seemed like a good idea and I wanted to see what she would do (and also get a pic). She decided that way up wasn’t as keen as it looked from down lower so she started doing that cat down hedgy thing they do right before they jump. The bed is near enough to jump onto from the shelves so I wasn’t too worried about her being on the shelf while I might have gone to get the camera. Maybe.

Lately VandeCat has been all about snoozing in the sock drawer. I’ve been leaving it open for her to get into or out of as she pleases and I’ve also left the Wookie blanket box so she has easier access to the drawer. Poor Vande is getting old and much less springy than she used to be. Old cats still enjoy a snooze in the sock drawer so I have decided to sacrifice unfurred socks in favor for the comfort of my old cat. She also likes to scratch her claws on the cat platform from the Wookie box. An unexpected perk of placement I guess.

TinyCat is mystified by the sock drawer. “Wait…you can get inside the big box? But…but…how does that even work?”

Tycho in one of his rare moments of complete snooze-out. If Tycho was in your advent calendar you might find that all the other drawers had been rifled through and the contents rearranged according to some cracked out cat logic. Or eaten. All at 3 in the morning because that’s the best time to go on a rearranging binge.

2010: Sequels should make sense – I’m looking at YOU Highlander 2!

2009: Apparently it’s 70% awesome or something which makes it triple delicious.

2008: I tell you, banjo-fiddle-flute “Cold Mountain Rain” beats the hillbilly hell out of 70s 8-track special.

2007: And making soup, but that bit of industry was sort of a spontaneous accident. What? There was a carcass in the fridge.

2006: Putting up the nativity scene is one of my favorite childhood Christmas traditions.

2005: Will Joy come off my shit list? Probably not unless this turns out to be really amazing chicken.

2004: Today all your stuff remains where you expect it to be.

2003: Yes, sandals. Shut up, it’s sandals until the things rot off my feet alright?

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